zimple won the 2013 Zhang Hui-mei concert Dongguan station only to develop clothing

March 30, 2020

If you've ever been touched by any one of Chang Hui-mei's songs, then it's definitely a concert you can not miss. Chang Mei-mei's song that night will bring you through time and space, and once again accompany you to those past 15 years of life , Love, breakup and life emotions. And you are even more surprised that, no matter if you are interested, when those melodies appear, you will find that the past 15 years really have a lot of memories and pictures that are accompanied by Zhang Mei-mei's music.


In the sister concert world tour in Dongguan, zimple become the only assembly apparel, hope zimple followed the same bright girl in the stage has a unique charm, passion and motivation. Catch up with the passion of the fashion trend, listen to the motivation of the most real self, to create a zimple embracing the blooming fashion art.

Concert Time: 20:00, March 16, 2013

Concert Venue: Dongguan Sports Center Stadium

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