MIKIBANA fashion women's city the most vivid landscape

March 28, 2020

MIKIBANA Mi Ke Bana from the Italian Vile River Marliana City, a unique charm fashion house.

米可芭娜 - mikibana

This is a pure city of bloodlines, and MIKIBANA mikkibana woman is also the most vivid scenery here, she lives here devoutly, read its past, living its present, looking forward to its future.

MIKIBANA时尚女装 城市里最生动的风景

In the eyes of many, the young MIKIBANA Mickiewicz is the happiest, most elegant flower in the city, gentle and confident, informal. She loves all the simple and vivid clothes or shirts or things that she has. She is amazed at her unconventional dress but she is calm and beautiful.

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