High-class ladies of the distinguished enjoyment - "Labery Labrador" brand is coming CHIC 2013

March 24, 2020

High-end ladies of the distinguished enjoyment - "Labery Rabbit" high-end women's brand is about to sign CHIC 2013, with distinguished, elegant, luxurious, dazzling, Yan Mei, fashion let the women unique, but also on behalf of distinguished status and symbol of taste .

上流名媛的尊贵享受——“Laberry拉宝丽”牌即将登入CHIC 2013

Hall No .: W3 / W4: Women

Booth number: W3405

Company Chinese name: La Polaroid Clothing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

"LABERRY" is Hong Kong Shun billion International Limited's high-end brands. Hong Kong Shun billion International Business Co., Ltd. was established in 1987, 2000 has been specializing in international high-end brands into the East Asian market operations services. Since 2001, we have successfully operated a number of apparel, jewelry and handbags brands in the mainland China market. In 2011, with the top international evening dress design team and the top manufacturers of domestic evening gowns join forces to luxury high-end positioning of the "LABERRY" brand evening gown into mainland China, so that people really with the international luxury to share the beauty.

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