Select six elements of Wenrun crystal products

March 31, 2020

Crystal perfect and pure incarnation, with the development of high-tech crystals can be comparable to the real crystal, but the value of true crystal is still the pursuit of everyone, some crystal elements, you can buy warm crystal products.

1, look at the raw materials: fine selection of crystal products, should not see the glue mouth and cotton wool; texture is pure, smooth, crystal is good.

2, look at the work: the processing of crystal products is divided into two types, namely millers and engravers. Such as crystal necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. are abrasive products; Guanyin image, inner painting snuff bottle, etc. are engravings.

3, look at polishing: the quality of polishing directly affects the value of crystal products. Polishing is divided into soft polishing and hard polishing.

4, look at the hole: For the wearing of crystal products (such as necklaces, bracelets, beads), it depends on whether the hole is straight, the thickness of the hole is uniform, with or without small cracks. The wall of the hole must be clear and transparent, without "white marks".

5, look at the color: even in the same kind of crystal, its different parts of the texture, color and various styles have their own merits. It belongs to a single color, and the chromaticity is uniform. If there is a shade on the same crystal, the color tone is required to be beautiful.

6. Look at culture: If the inclusions in the crystal are related to culture, religion and history, the price will often be several times or even hundreds of times higher than the value of the crystal itself.

For more crystal knowledge, please pay more attention to China Jewelry Merchants Network.

Bi-component polyester filament Yarn is made from two polyester fibers with different properties. mainly includes the following products:

1)ITY (BSY) composed of polyester FDY and POY composite spinning

2)SPH is a low viscosity PET and high shrinkage PET composite spinning.

3)M400 by high viscosity of PTT and low viscosity PET composite spinning   

4)T8 is made up of low viscosity PBT and high viscosity PET composite spinning


two components of different types of thermal shrinkage performance, make it produce a permanent curl in the finishing process, thus elastic, also has certain moisture absorption perspiration function.


1. The dyeing temperature and finalize the design temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, too high will affect the elastic fabric;

2. Try to use in the process of finishing the hydrophilic agent, in order to avoid jam fiber groove, destroying its moisture absorption perspiration function



Polyester Bicomponent Yarn

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