Warm baby does not cure gynecological diseases

March 20, 2020

In the winter, various brands of warm palace stickers began to sell, becoming a must-have for many women in the winter. This product, which claims to keep the uterus warm, treat inflammation, and relieve dysmenorrhea, really has such a big effect?

According to the description on the instructions, the reason why the warm paste can be heated depends on the raw material layer: a heating element composed of iron powder, activated carbon, salt and other substances. Therefore, many products said that from the opening of the packaging bag, it can release heat for 12-20 hours under the action of oxygen, the temperature can reach 50 degrees, can play a role in promoting blood circulation, warming and relieving pain, reconciling qi and blood, It treats inflammation, nourishes the ovaries, promotes uterine contractions, and comprehensively regulates the function of the female reproductive system.

"Warm Palace stickers are actually equivalent to a hot water bottle. Warm physiotherapy has a certain effect on promoting blood circulation and relieving dysmenorrhea." Liu Jinxing, chief physician of gynecology at Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told reporters that during the physiological period or after completing gynecological surgery. Women can use one. However, it claims that it can treat gynecological inflammation, but there are some exaggerations, and the causes of inflammation are different. It must be effective under the remedy. Liu Jinxing pointed out that when using warm palace paste, it is best to stick it at the three-inch Guanyuan point under the navel. This acupoint is more effective for warming, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It is also important to note that it should not be directly attached to the skin. It is best to have a piece of clothing. If the skin is red and other abnormal phenomena, remove it immediately; try not to use it while sleeping; people with low sensitivity to diabetes and skin heat sensitivity Be careful when using it to avoid burns and avoid using it for pregnant women.

In addition, Liu Jinxing also recommended some ways to help the uterus to keep warm, eat more qi and warm food, such as walnuts, dates, peanuts; pay attention to keep warm feet, bubble feet before going to bed, wear less navel, low waist pants Usually you can lick a lower abdomen to balance blood.

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