Oriental Yingxiu fashion women from the subtle want to let each consumer really appreciate the fashion trend

March 20, 2020

" Oriental Yingxiu " brand located in the 20-35-year-old fashion women, with a unique style of casual ladies, high-quality fabrics, senior designers excellent design and superb technology, by female friends of all ages. The company's product development department has always been consumer-centric, market-oriented, keeping up with the fashion trend, every quarter will launch hundreds of models of clothing, "Oriental Yingxiu" everywhere from the subtleties, every product from the perfect design Conceived to sophisticated manufacturing processes, so that every one "Oriental Yingxiu" consumers really appreciate the fashion trend.


Anti-wrinkle memory fabric, so that the whole piece of clothing more texture, it is very unique! I-type version, the overall figure is even more prominent. Razor hair on the shoulders, to create high-end luxury fashion, enhance the quality of the entire clothes; collar and decorative buckle leather, fashion and warm; playful cute PU leather bag, simple, personal, atmosphere.

东方颖秀时尚女装从细微处着想  让每位消费者真正体会到时尚潮流

Fashion striped fabric, back solid color chiffon stitching, pleated stitching, fashion elegant! High-end anti-wrinkle fabric, comfortable fit, crisp type, easy to take care of; plus striped fabric unparalleled superiority, combined with exquisite cutting process, upper body effect is absolutely impressive.

1)Jackets product features
1.Enviroment-friendly dyen fabric and never fade.
2.Thickened spray-bonded cotton provide more warm.
3.Professional waterproof & windproof & breathable fabric helps you face any weather easily.
4.3D cutting makes you more comfortable.
5.Tricot lined chin guard.
6.Functional pocket provide more storage capcity.
7.Adjustable  drawstring at the bottom&wasit .
8.Cuff adjustable velcro.
9.Detachable hood with Raccoon fur looks luxury

Padded Jacket

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