Experts warn: 4 kinds of vulnerable shoes should not be worn as much as possible

March 23, 2020

Experts warn: 4 kinds of vulnerable shoes should not be worn as much as possible

Shoes with a wide variety of styles and colorful colors are always the most attractive eyeballs. However, the shoes are uncomfortable. Only you know that you can only look at yourself when you look at the appearance. Many shoes have problems such as wear resistance, bending rigidity, and unsatisfactory hardness of the hook. These problems are high in health and safety and are also the most overlooked. Therefore, people should carefully check the following four places when purchasing.

Heel seams

The parts of the foot are mainly at the heel seam and at the toe. New shoes are too small or hard, they are easy to rub the feet, long-term wear can easily lead to corns, paronychia, hallux valgus and other diseases. Therefore, you should try to buy soft leather shoes such as sheepskin; if there are seams at the heel of the shoes, carefully check the thread and the cortex for protruding parts; at least try on for ten minutes, walk around and make a decision.

If you accidentally buy shoes with worn feet, you can dry a piece of wet tissue, then soak it with white wine, and fix it at the grinding foot for one night; if the edge of the shoe is worn, use a wet towel for a few minutes to make it wet. Soft, then take a cylindrical object such as a glass bottle and squeeze it several times; if the new shoes are too small and pinch, you can use a wet towel to wet, then use the shoes to wedge the big, wear it and go straight.

Soft and easy to cripple

Leather shoes (except flat shoes and wedge shoes) have a steel hook between the outsole and the midsole. It is the backbone that connects the heel and the forefoot. It supports and maintains the overall shape of the shoe. The role. Unqualified hooks can cause the overall deformation of the shoes, the heel is skewed around, resulting in unstable walking, and even crippling and falling when severe.

Good quality shoes can give better support to the arch and will not damage the physiological function of the arch. However, if you wear a shoe that has not been sufficiently supported for a long time, or is too high or the forefoot is too tight, it may cause the arch to collapse, resulting in pain when walking, easy to grow, and even hallux.

Generally speaking, the mid-stage toughness of the shoes is not easy to cripple. When picking shoes, you can press the foot part of the shoe with your hand. It is not soft or deformed. You can also twist the shoes by hand, or you can twist it into a "twist" shape. When trying on, you can turn your feet to the left and right to test the stability of the shoes. If the feet are easy to turn over, it is easy to cripple. It is recommended not to buy.

Artificial leather shoes

Artificial leather shoes not only have poor air permeability and slip resistance, but also tend to harden at low temperatures, resulting in problems such as sweat, foot odor, and discomfort. Experts suggest that try not to buy artificial leather, nylon, plastic and other materials, they are poorly breathable, easy to make the feet infected with bacteria and fungi, causing athlete's foot, it is best to buy leather shoes and cloth shoes. So how do you distinguish between genuine leather and artificial leather?

First of all, check whether there is any material on the shoe box. According to the national regulations, the shoe material should be marked in the obvious position (what kind of natural leather, two-layer leather or synthetic leather, artificial leather, etc.);

Second, carefully observe the leather surface, the real leather surface has clear pores, patterns;

Thirdly, the leather is hand-skinned for a while, the leather leather is full and smooth, and the artificial leather and synthetic leather are slightly longer, which will have a moist and sticky feeling. Fourth, the suture is touched by hand, and the leather is sutured. The thread is bulged, and the suture of the leather is concave, and at the junction of the leather, the stitch of the dermis is dense (5-6 needles per cm), and the stitching of the artificial leather is too dense and easy to pull. Therefore, it is generally sparse; finally, the finger can be used to force the top from the inside of the leather, and the skin texture becomes fine and shiny, and the leather is unchanged, or the gray is dark.

The sole pattern is easy to wrestle

There are many kinds of sole materials, among which, the rubber sole is soft, elastic and non-slip shockproof, but slightly heavier; the plastic bottom is wear-resistant, but it is not anti-slip and has poor cold resistance; the foam bottom has good elasticity and is suitable for the shape of the foot, but it is very slippery. Easy to wrestle, the elderly and pregnant women are best not to wear.

When purchasing, pay attention to check whether the sole is flat and the pattern is clear. If the pattern is light or the material of the sole is not wearable, it will slip easily after wearing for a long time; use the nail to lightly press the sole, it should be flexible, not too soft or too hard, otherwise it is easy Damage to the foot.

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