Be cautious when using electric blankets in cold weather.

March 22, 2020

Electric blankets, also known as electric rafts, are ideal for winter homes. However, if used improperly, it can cause allergic dermatitis, especially for infants and young children. It takes a long time to use electric blankets to cause dehydration.

The occurrence of allergic dermatitis, on the one hand, the continuous heat dissipation of the electric blanket when using, so that the human skin moisture is evaporated and dried; on the other hand, the pyrogen itself is irritating to the skin, causing some people's skin to be allergic and itchy. Or small papules of varying sizes appear on the body, which can be bleeding, idiot, and desquamation. Most of these symptoms start from the back of the body and then gradually spread throughout the body. It often makes people feel itchy, sleepless at night, affecting rest and work.

Dehydration of infants and young children is due to the growth and development of young children. The intake of water should be higher than that of adults. The use of electric blankets is too hot. If the time is too long, the children will lose too much water and the throat mucosa will dry out. Deafness, irritability and other symptoms of dehydration. How to prevent these two diseases?

First, the electric blanket should not be in contact with the human body, and a layer of blanket or sheet should be laid on it;

Second, the power-on time should not be too long. Generally, it is energized and heated before going to bed. Turn off the power when going to bed. Do not use it all the time, especially for infants and toddlers.

Third, people with allergic reactions should try not to use electric blankets. When the child is dehydrated, as long as he does not have a fever or cough, he can first drink a cup of water for the child. If the child is still upset and uneasy, he should be sent to the hospital for treatment. When dermatitis occurs, the electric blanket should be stopped, and drugs such as chlorpheniramine and cyproheptadine should be taken orally.

Fourth, those who often use electric blankets should increase the amount of drinking water.

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