Urban business fashion men's SUIDA Sa Jie interpretation of successful men's image

March 18, 2020

SUIDA Brand Style Features: Urban business fashion men's style, the pursuit of exquisite and elegant fashion business image; exquisite, simple outline, attention to detail. Brand customer group consumption characteristics: urban successful men, advocating a sense of success, promoting the high quality of life of business fashion modeling; social elites, urban upstart, the pursuit of quality and content, love quality, love life, never drift.

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COMPANY INTRODUCTION In 2001, it was established by CORRADINI MODA ITALY SRL, PARIS FASHION (HK) GROUP CO (French family <Hong Kong> Garment Group) and AUSTRALIA SUIDA INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO (Australia Splendor Group). Under the registered capital of 50.08 million yuan, Guangzhou Koradini Garments Co., Ltd. was established. In the global implementation of the "multi-brand management, outstanding brand" strategy, the implementation of multi-brand business strategy, increasing investment year by year. Application of CORDADINI MODA ITALY SR's Italian fashion apparel design and production process, the use of PARIS FASHION (HK) GROUP CO international trade and logistics facilities, combined with Australia Spike Group provides Australia's world-class Merino wool as raw material, always adhere to the quality of Center, brand-oriented, the achievement of the international brand's market value, for the international market's first-class brand, first-class products and make unremitting efforts. Constantly increase its agency's international brand awareness and reputation, further enhance the brand image and carefully market international brands. At present, Guangzhou Corradini Garment Co., Ltd. agent CORRADINI MODA ITALY SRL (Italian Curtiny Group)'s brands are: SUIDA (Saida), CORRADINI (Cardini), AUSHOOW (Aishau) and BORNU. LANDI and other men's high-end clothing brands, series products have been favored and sought after by consumers in the domestic market, major shopping malls counter sales are unique.

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