Are you using 6 pots that are hazardous to health?

March 21, 2020

At present, kitchen utensils are extremely rich. For three meals a day, you use non-stick cooking, use pottery soup, use microwave to make rice... Experts tell us that we must choose and understand the safe use method, which will prevent us from absorbing too much lead and copper. Or aluminum, not poisoned by these heavy metals.

● Non-stick pan: Do not use it for high-temperature frying. It is a long-standing dispute about the safety of “non-stick pan”. In 2006, the AQSIQ sampling found that there was a non-standard chromium content in the non-stick pan.

In recent years, most non-stick brands have improved the adhesion of non-stick coatings and metal cookware. If you use a kitchen made from a non-stick coating, the coating will not crack or peel off for many years. Paint shards don't have to worry about food, because the material is inert and harmless, and it won't be absorbed by the body.

Non-stick pan safety code 1. Do not fry over high temperature. The non-stick coating of the non-stick pan is actually a film with a thickness of about 0.2 mm. If the dry burning or oil temperature reaches about 300 °C, the film may be damaged, and some heavy metal components will be released, which is harmful to the human body. . Generally, when cooking, the temperature is not too high, but if the fried food is cooked, it is always hot during the frying process, and the temperature of the pot may exceed 260 ° C, which may easily lead to decomposition of harmful components.

2. Do not use the damage seriously. A non-stick pan with a little scratch or nick is not thrown away, it should only be disposed of when large cracks occur and performance is affected.

3. Use a non-stick pan to cook, do not use a spatula to prevent damage to the non-stick coating.

●Casserole: When you buy a lot of people in the kitchen, you can buy beautiful clay pots. When you buy them, it is very dangerous when you buy them. The national quality inspection department found that the lead dissolution of some products exceeded the standard in the pottery sampling inspection. Long-term use of pots with excessive lead can cause lead poisoning, while small amounts of lead can cause nerve and brain damage and weakened immunity. The safety of the professional cookware shelves or counters purchased in supermarkets or shopping malls will be even better.

Casserole Safety Code 1. Does not contain acidic foods, reducing the dissolution of lead and cadmium in an acidic environment.

2. The newly purchased casserole is boiled with 4% vinegar water before use, and most of the harmful substances can be dissolved in advance.

3. Porcelain also contains lead, it is best to cook with vinegar before use.

●Stainless steel pot: Don't wear salty food for a long time. The utensils made of stainless steel are beautiful and durable. However, unqualified stainless steel pots pose a safety hazard. Unqualified stainless steel pots generally have excessive chromium standards. Chromium is listed as one of the most harmful chemicals in the human body and is one of the internationally recognized carcinogenic metals.

Stainless Steel Pot Safety Code 1. Long-term exposure of stainless steel to acids and bases will also cause chemical reactions. Therefore, stainless steel utensil containers should not hold salt, soy sauce, vegetable soup, etc. for a long time.

2. Do not suffer from Chinese medicine.

3. Use detergent as little as possible to avoid corrosion of the product.

●Aluminum pan: Do not fry, do not rub, do not rub. Measurements show that when using aluminum pan to fry food, the oil used is about 6 micrograms per gram of oil before frying, and after frying it is increased to 10-20 per gram. Microgram; the aluminum in the rice will also be doubled during steaming.

Some people believe that aluminum often accumulates in the brain, causing degeneration of the brain and seriously affecting people's behavior and intelligence. However, American experts have ruled out the connection between aluminum and Alzheimer's disease. They believe that the amount of aluminum used in cooking into food is much less than the aluminum content of other food additives such as starter.

Aluminum Pan Safety Code 1. Do not hold preserved food. Pickled foods are strong acid and alkali-based dishes that easily react chemically with aluminum to produce substances harmful to the human body.

2. It is not suitable for high temperature and cooking with metal shovel. Use high-temperature frying in an aluminum pan, or use a metal shovel to collide and rub against the aluminum pan, which may release the aluminum component to a certain extent, preferably avoided.

● Copper pot: rusted copper pot Do not use copper is an essential trace element of the human body, but excessive copper is not good for the body, causing nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and even poisoning.

Copper cookware specially used for cooking generally has a stainless steel inner layer in the pot, and a few tin inner layers. Copper is particularly heat-conductive and reacts strongly to anything that comes into contact with it – including air, water vapor, food... The inner layer of stainless steel prevents copper from coming into contact with food or reacting with food, but the inner pot of tin is prone to wear and exposes the underlying copper, so it should be used with caution.

Copper Pot Safety Code 1. Keep away from copper rust. The "copper green" and "blue enamel" after the copper rust are two kinds of toxic substances, so the copper tableware with copper rust should not be used.

2. Be alert to damage. Never use a copper pot that has no inner layer or suspected that the inner layer is damaged to cook or hold food.

3. Use copperware from tourist destinations with caution, just decorations.

4. Copper pot can not take medicine.

● Iron pan: The most traditional safest iron pan is the traditional kitchen utensils in China. It generally contains no other chemicals and will not oxidize.

In the process of cooking and cooking, there is very little dissolution in the iron pan. Even the dissolution of iron is good for the human body. WHO experts even believe that cooking in iron pot is the most direct method of iron supplementation. Foods with high water content, high acidity, and long cooking time, such as a spaghetti, usually contain less than 1 mg of iron, but when cooked in an iron pan, they are almost as high as 6 mg.

However, it has also been suggested that ordinary iron pans are prone to rust, and the body absorbs too much iron oxide, that is, rust, which can cause damage to the liver.

Nutritionists believe that cooking in iron pots is good for children who need iron supplements, boys and girls, and menstrual women, but those who are not at risk of iron deficiency, and people with hemochromatosis, do not need iron. Pot cooking.

Iron Pan Safety Code 1. Stir a dish with a dish. Every time the food is finished, the inner wall of the pot must be washed and dried to avoid rust.

2. Try not to cook soup in a wok.

3. Can't use the iron pot to serve overnight. The iron pot dissolves iron under acidic conditions and destroys vitamin C.

4. Try to use less detergent when brushing the pan. When there is slight rust, it can be washed with vinegar.

5. Iron pans that are severely rusted, black slag, and black skin are not reusable.

Special tips 1. Iron pan should not be taken.

2. Iron pan can not be used to cook mung beans.

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