September 19, 2020

At the end of October, the autumn breeze delivers coolness. In this beautiful harvest season, welcome to the OZZO light luxury fashion station. Three or five friends have met and enjoyed a happy time. Thanks to the founder of the OZZO brand, Miss Ji Wenyi and her friends for their friendly appearan

September 18, 2020

The brand shop adopts a double-style decoration, which features a three-dimensional glass exterior wall that reflects different lights during the day and night, thus fully integrating with the Oriental Pearl. The new shop provides women's, men's and related accessories. The unique design of

September 18, 2020

This year's Halloween, the Prince password and the students of China University of Petroleum "fooling around" together. The prince password asks you to sneak at Halloween Wearing costumes, masks, grimace pumpkins, white net black spiders, white ghosts, and so on, are the decoration

September 16, 2020

On the evening of September 9, Xiaoru skirt gown brought intangible cultural heritage techniques and innovative costumes and traditional nail gold embroidered skirt gowns to the 2020 Guangdong Fashion Week-Autumn, setting off the "intangible cultural heritage + fashion" boom. At the beg

September 15, 2020

Fan Bingbing endorsed the ODD Didi down jacket 2013 autumn and winter new, Ou Didi is a high-grade fashion down apparel brand based on leisure, fashion, simplicity. The Emperor's style is unique Ou Didi down jacket Fan Bingbing endorsement shoot ODD Ou Di Di Yurong 2013 autumn and winter new

September 12, 2020

The history of Japanese antibacterial products and the future development direction The history of Japanese antibacterial products and the future development direction I. Introduction The year is a commemorative year for this association (hereinafter referred to as SIAA). In this year, SIAA ha

September 12, 2020

Chapter VIII Recognition and matching clothing accessories 1. Basic requirements: understand the concept of excipients, and be familiar with the functions, classification, characteristics and selection of various excipients. 2. Key points: Master the functions, characteristics and matching princ