"Leisure, nature, pleasure," Hao Feier women's life, the most perfect interpretation of modern women

March 20, 2020

" Hao Feier " originated in English "hoofer", which means professional dancer. Founder Mis.Yu studied in Italy, an international fashion capital, combining the European fashion information with the elegant elegance of oriental women. HFE brand rapid evolution of the style reflects the more people call freedom, no worries, no fear, only confident and spring charming smile. The use of European pursuit of the perfect cut to interpret the modern woman's romance and nature. Leisure, Nature, Pleasure is the most perfect interpretation of the brand, the life and the modern woman by Hao Feier.


There is no more beautiful decoration in the world than joy. Joy, need to share with others, when you spray the joy of perfume to others, there are always a few drops can be spilled in their arms. Brands also need to share, and when we share the HFE to you, we ourselves will be full of joy.

“休闲、自然、愉悦”郝菲尔女装  对生命、对现代女性最完美的诠释

Fashion brings a pleasant mood and elegance, purity, taste and extraordinary feelings, giving people a different temperament charm, can reflect the extraordinary quality of life, exquisite, reveal personalities.

“休闲、自然、愉悦”郝菲尔女装  对生命、对现代女性最完美的诠释

Elegant woman's temperament like bamboo, noble and refined slim, even dressed in commoner, you will also be from simple simple appearance to capture this extraordinary feeling. Elegant women have rich content and rich cultural heritage, which is in addition to the appearance of the realm.

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