DANTOSY Dan Ti Shi brand women's simple and stylish personality will be out

March 18, 2020

The next corner, what kind of beautiful encounter? Spring-like romance, sweets and sweet colors, forest-like light and natural ...... DANTOSY Dan Ti Shi for you to give every beauty and freshness, blur the true age limit.

丹缇施 - Dantisy

Dan Ti with a relaxed, stylish, romantic, sweet, full of surprising color combinations, oriental women's body-based features of the creative approach is a Korean-origin women 's fashion brand , fabrics mainly from South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. area.

DANTOSY丹缇施品牌女装  将简单又个性的时尚张扬出来

Dan Ticchi always uphold the international perspective, combined with Japan and South Korea style and the latest popular concepts, with colorful colors, stylish silhouette, colorful elements bring visual impact, with vivid and smooth printing, free and without losing the sense of art Hand-painted, colorful beads Dingzhu drilling, romantic gentle lace, simple and personalized fashion show up, from the diversified trend interpretation of the most individual youthful vitality ......

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