Beckham Bear children's clothing 2012 spring and summer new season trend vane

May 15, 2019

BackKom Becken Bear is a strong brand Carnival costumes effort to build. Brand originated in the history of South Korea's most successful animation, the highest award-winning 3D animation funny cartoon, rich brand content, brand awareness is high. Product features distinctive style, rich variety of products, product design contains both Korean fashion elements, but also take into account the domestic market spending habits. Beckham Bear 2012 spring / summer new "BackKom Beiken Bear" mainly for children aged 2-16 years to provide stylish, innovative and healthy cartoon image derivative products, mainly in high-end children's wear, supplemented by shoes and hats, school bags, stationery , All kinds of toys, daily necessities and other accessories. "BackKom Beiken Bear" pays special attention to environmental awareness, care for children and children dressed in the health of consumers carefully, from the surface to order printing and dyeing processing, all using reactive dyes, will not harm the child's body. Carefully selected high-quality fabrics, the use of international environmental quality control standards, before processing, through the printing and dyeing plant scouring, bleaching, washing and other wet processing to remove pesticides and other residues in the fiber and other toxic substances, the product washable, Abrasion, perspiration, and color fastness is very good, so that consumers can use more peace of mind. The company specializes in the establishment of quality control department, so that the product prenatal, mid-production and post-natal three tests, strict quality control; in the processing technology, the world's advanced technology and production lines, superb weaving and dyeing technology, so distinctive design To ensure that each product exquisite workmanship, fun and lovely, at any time, wearing the use of "BackKom Beikeng Bear" apparel products, will be a time of comfort and pleasure to enjoy the experience! Beckham Bear 2012 spring / summer new "BackKom Beikeng Bear" Chinese fashion designers, the classic sense of consciousness through to every aspect of the product, focusing on the international frontier popular elements and children's body features, cultural blend of; in Simple and smooth line processing, fine local design, as well as the careful selection of fabrics, all the people to appreciate the designer's pursuit of perfection of mind and body of children's devotion! Beckham Bear 2012 spring / summer new product "BackKom Beikeng Bear" adds a wealth of color and fancy patterns of application, healthy and humorous image of children to meet the great things of the pursuit of good things, tailored to children, build Out of a fashion sense, but also meet the physical and psychological needs of children's clothing brand. "BackKom Beiken Bear" strong sense of product line, in the pursuit of individuality at the same time, but also emphasizes the compatibility between a single product. Products in the design, choice of materials and color in one go, clothing and accessories are free to choose, mix, fully demonstrate brand characteristics. "BackKom Beiken Bear" will continue to improve the quality of children and adolescents to provide more comfortable and beautiful, healthy and environmentally friendly products and services!