Children's clothing in Changchun blew up "luxury wind"

May 21, 2019

"Now children's clothing is really expensive, a small shirt will be more than 400!" Recently, Changchun City, Xiao Zhao to give her niece to buy a birthday gift, but was scared by the price of branded children's clothing.

Today, children wear more and more pay attention to the more expensive, more expensive, many luxury brands have more than the exclusive of adults, children's clothing market has also whipped up a "luxury style."

A small vest must be more than 100 "Now children's clothes can be really not cheap, then a little piece, it is a brand of two or three hundred, really catch up with adult outfit!" Xiao Zhao finally visited a Circle, picking up a baseball skirt for the young prostitute, spent nearly 200 yuan.

Today, more and more styles of children's clothing, brands are emerging, the price is even more equal to adult clothing. In a large shopping mall near Chongqing Road, East Asian reporters saw that many children's wear counters have put on the latest styles this spring, and many popular elements have also come in. "This wavelet shirt is the most popular this spring, 398 yuan a." A brand children's wear counter sales lady Ms. Sun introduced. East Asian reporters saw that many children's clothing styles sold in the store are very novel and the price is not low. A cotton fabric vest is as high as 119 yuan, and there are 368 yuan jeans, 698 yuan down jacket ... the price has been straight Adult clothing is even more expensive than adult clothes.

According to Xu Yinghua, the sales manager of the children's wear area of ​​the shopping mall, the children's clothing brand in the mall is currently positioned in the mid-to-premium children's wear market, and the price of products ranging from 200-300 yuan is more popular among parents, and the development trend of children's clothing has also changed from comfort to personality. tendency.

Luxury brands aim at the children's wear market. In addition to the endless variety of children's clothing brands, many brands that do adult clothing begin to open up the children's wear market.

The reporter saw in a mall, E. LAND, Levis, adidas, etc. all have children's wear. “Our brand was originally made only of adult clothes. We opened up the children's wear market last year. Now we look at the sales situation.” According to the manager of a certain brand of children's clothing store. In addition to this, many foreign luxury brands started to do business with "dolls." In the children's wear section of a large shopping mall in Changchun, the new spring of Dior and Armani has been put on the counter. East Asian reporters saw a price of more than 3,600 yuan for a skirt for girls aged 4-6. The British-style small suits and trousers worn are as high as 1,000 yuan or more.

On a large-scale shopping site, East Asian reporters also inquired that many luxury brands of children's clothing are available online. The price of a fairy dress for Baby Dior is as high as 1,400 yuan. It is not uncommon for children's wear to be worth a thousand dollars.

High cost prices rise 10% in a year

What caused the price of children's clothing to be so high?

According to Xu Yinghua's introduction, children's wear is targeted at the group of babies and children. Therefore, the comfort, coloration and formaldehyde standards of fabrics are all more stringent. Many children's clothing work and fabric are not inferior to adult clothing, and even better than adult clothing. In addition, after the 80's husband and wife become parents, pay more attention to the quality of life of children, which also brings the market to the brand children's clothing. “Today, the pursuit of children’s clothing for children is not only comfortable, but also the pursuit of personality, safety and aesthetics. With the rise in labor costs and raw materials, the price of children’s wear has risen by about 10% a year,” said Xu Yinghua.

Liu Keli, secretary general of the Jilin Provincial Textile and Apparel Chamber of Commerce, said that with the continuous development of the market economy, the branding of the children's wear market has become increasingly evident. At present, the price of children's clothing is almost equal to the price of adult clothing for the following reasons. First of all, influenced by the brand value, some big brands will have a place in the adult clothing field and open up the field of children's wear. Natural price positioning will not be very low; in addition, the special requirements for children's clothing on fabrics and safety will also increase the cost. The most important point is the purchasing psychology of parents.