MIGHT (Mai Di) boutique women's excellent workmanship rare superior

May 22, 2019

Exhibition in Shenzhen City Star Industrial Co., Ltd. has been established for more than ten years of history, is a collection development, production, sales, management as one of the women's brand company, its MOTOLEY (Mutuo Li) and MIGHT ( step dike ) two brands Women . MIGHT brand positioning boutique high-end women's clothing, autumn and winter clothing (excluding fur, down jacket) the average price of around 2,500 yuan, the average price of about 1,800 yuan in spring and summer; flagship age of 30-year-old positioning; now Shenzhen Jin Guanghua, Shanghai Yaohan, Shanghai Mayfair Isetan opened the image shop.


MIGHT(迈堤)精品女装  做工精湛难得出众

Innovative, practical, beautiful silhouette, just the right grooming physique, no extra decoration, emphasizing the essence of luxury, hand-held intercourse is vivid and smooth and freehand, grace and grace. The product is positioned at the age of 30 with high-level knowledge of women, fabrics from Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries, pay attention to comfortable, stylish high-grade fabrics, coupled with exquisite workmanship, making each product are very outstanding.