Misunderstandings in the purchase of industrial humidifiers by woolen factories

May 21, 2019

In the past, when many woolen textile factories were equipped with industrial humidifiers, many customers took the humidification demand plan of the cotton textile factory as a reference. It should be known that there are some misunderstandings.

To understand the requirements of the wool mill's humidity, we must first study the relationship between the physical properties of wool and temperature and humidity. The internal moisture content of the wool increases, it becomes soft and easy to stretch, but the strength is low, but the difference is that it has an animal fiber and fabric properties. The friction coefficient and scale of wool fiber are also related to the backwardness. The friction coefficient of the positive scale is smaller than the friction coefficient of the reverse scale, and the friction coefficient is larger when the reverse direction. In this process, impurities are removed, usually before the scouring room, where the impurities are removed, and the relative humidity is controlled to a small extent.

In the mixing machine with the wool and worsted mills, in order to reduce the coefficient of friction and wool carding and spinning, it is usually necessary to humidify the oil. In dry wool and plant fibers, similar to poor conductors, the conductivity is larger than nylon, acrylic, polyester and other synthetic fibers, but smaller than cotton, so the electrostatic phenomenon of wool spinning mills than cotton should be worthy of attention. The effect of how much moisture it contains on conductivity is very significant. In general, the moisture regain rate of wool is about 15%, and for every 2% increase, the conductivity increases by 8 to 10 times.

Electrostatic phenomenon is a prominent problem in the wool textile process. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the static phenomenon between the combs. In addition, to maintain a high relative humidity to maintain the proper moisture regain of the wool, the machine should be grounded. It is easy to pass into the ground to prevent the surrounding of the wool fiber from being sucked around the cylinder and the roller due to static electricity. The woolen mill workshop (needle combing, combing workshop) combed with needle board, the static phenomenon caused by friction during the carding process is serious, so it is easy to appear the phenomenon of suction roller, so the relative humidity of the workshop is larger, and the wool increases the conductivity. Wool fibers are softer and will help to comb and stretch. Of course, the humidity should not be too large, so as not to affect the health of the staff, prevent mechanical rust and increase the difficulty of removing impurities. Therefore, here you need a humidifier with good humidification control. The industrial humidifier is specially selected. note. In general, the relative humidity of woolen mills is larger than that of cotton mills.

Due to the hygroscopicity of the wool, it is not easy to wet the roller and the roller. Therefore, the relative humidity control can be slightly larger, helping to eliminate static electricity and maintain the elasticity of the fiber. The woolen and roving libraries of the woolen mill are used to fully wet the tops and rovings in the stock, eliminating static electricity and elastic fatigue of the fibers during processing. Moreover, the process of gradual dehumidification can be achieved during the process of entering the pre-spinning and roving into the fine sand, which is beneficial to the dissipation of static electricity generated during the processing, and at the same time, the fiber is wet inside and outside. In the state, the internal moisture of the fiber is good for guiding the static electricity, the surface is smooth, and the skin roller is not stuck, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of the yarn production. In the workshop of the spinning mill, due to its low twist and low strength, it should be noted that the relative humidity within the standard range should be controlled.