Doll clothes girls underwear natural care body health girl

May 21, 2019

May doll (China) Girls Health Research Center, founded in January 20, 2005, was officially listed in August 2006 for the first time in the Chinese market put forward the concept of healthy and environmentally friendly "girl underwear ", leading the girl in recent years Underwear standards and directions, but also basically established the market price of the girls underwear, repeat customers more than 98%. With a number of state-level utility model patent technology and independent intellectual property rights, "universal care-like mom's love" as the core philosophy, adhere to the "natural body care, health beauty girl" for product appeal, is a collection research and development, production and sales of youth Development of young girls with healthy underwear and dissemination, promote girls health and culture of professional brand enterprises.


Company strategy: The company's strategic goal is to develop into a national or Asian girl apparel products leading brand and fashion vane, guide the trend of girls clothing. To disseminate the knowledge of healthy girls, young girls cultural life as a strategic goal to protect the healthy growth of young girls as a mission to create the most well-known brand of girls development period.
Corporate philosophy: all care like mother's love! Brand Strategy: the world's most developed girls clothing apparel development strategy: to disseminate the world healthy young girl's knowledge, beautiful girl life cultural products aspirations: natural care body, healthy beauty girl target market: 8-25-year-old adolescent girls group; hope daughter Healthy and beautiful growing mother