Export of Egyptian garment companies without "ILAC" certificate will be blocked

May 21, 2019

It is reported that the Egyptian Customs has imposed mandatory new import regulations since February of this year. In addition to pre-shipment inspection certificates, footwear and apparel are required to provide an “ILAC” certificate issued by a third party before being exported to Egypt.

Egypt is one of the major markets for exports from Shaoxing to Africa. To this end, the Shaoxing Bureau reminded production companies and foreign trade companies that they should adopt the following four measures to avoid causing the goods to be rejected by the Egyptian side due to lack of “ILAC” certificates:

First, at present, Egypt mandates that footwear and apparel require the issuance of certificates of “ILAC” and “CNAS” (Certified Chinese Abbreviation for China National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment) marks of third parties. Each export company should promptly pay attention to the new rules and avoid He was returned by the competent Egyptian authorities for failing to provide the "ILAC" certificate.

Secondly, it is timely to make preparations for applying for the “ILAC” certificate, focusing on Egypt’s testing scope and standards for clothing and footwear, and actively consulting the inspection and quarantine authorities on related policies so as to prevent the customs clearance of goods at Egyptian ports.

Third, clothing and footwear manufacturers should focus on the scope of testing, timely adjust production methods and improve production techniques so that the test results meet the standards. According to the relevant person in charge of the association, the following is the scope of detection of footwear and clothing: clothing can be tested in three categories, fiber composition qualitative, free formaldehyde, banned azo dyes; leather shoes: banned azo dyes, dimethyl fumarate, * ***, wear resistance, folding, peel test; other footwear: banned azo dyes, free formaldehyde, wear resistance, folding, peel test.

Fourth, when signing a contract with a customer, full consideration should be given to pre-shipment inspections and "ILAC" certification, and allow sufficient time to avoid unnecessary economic losses.