Yang Shuoqiao's economy is "sailed" and the window curtain screen industry is strong

May 04, 2019

The Lagerstroemia Plaza after the spring rain is particularly fresh, and after the baptism of the rain, the Yangshuo Bridge economy once again entered the “spring period”. Yesterday, in the town of Yangshuoqiao, there was a busy scene everywhere, whether in the production workshop or the design and development center.

“Yangyiaoqiao economy has sailed again.” Town Party committee member Sun Aibao said with confidence: “This year, we will strive to develop characteristic industries, strengthen advantageous industries, develop new industries, and constantly consolidate the real economy. The bridge has created a regional highland for innovation and entrepreneurship and promoted the transformation and upgrading of the economy."

The characteristic industry strong dragon dances enters "Hua Xin home textile", the general manager Hu Xiaoming has spread a large customer information on the table. A few days ago, just after the end of the China International Home Textiles Fair in Shanghai, the “Hua Xin” marketing and R&D team went to the Shenzhen International Home Fair. “Our independent design of embossed machine embroidery products attracted many merchants and exhibited in Shanghai. We received more than 300,000 yuan in deposits and orders for several million yuan. Many new customers come here for a few days...... "Hu Xiaoming's words contain joy and confidence.

Curtains and curtain sashes have always been the characteristic industry of Yangluoqiao Town, enjoying the title of “China's warp knitting hometown” and “China's famous town of curtains and window sashes”. Last year, they were also awarded by the China Knitting Industry Association “China's knitting industry's over 10 billion key clusters”. . At present, there are more than 500 curtain and screen enterprises in the town, and the output value reached 14.5 billion yuan last year.

How traditional and characteristic industries have emerged from the road of innovation and development is the focus of this year's work of the party committee and government of Yang Lanqiao Town. Sun Aibao said that this year, the town will actively apply for the establishment of the China Knitting Industry Association window curtain branch, and intends to build a building representing Yang Yanqiao curtains and window sash featured industries, here will be supporting R & D center, information service center, testing center, Set design, R&D, new product display, business negotiation in one, and become a new platform to further expand the curtain and window screen industry.

"The government attaches great importance to guiding and supporting. Our enterprises must also improve their internal strength and do a good job of products and markets." This is the voice of Yang Shuqiao's entrepreneurs. "Legend of Home Textiles" line curtain has become the domestic industry champion, "Huaxin Home Textiles" special raw material warp knitting products first in China, "King Shing Holdings", "Guohong warp knitting" products thrive, "Daihua Textile", "Yulon Holdings "Products sold in Europe and the United States market ... ... Yang Shuoqiao characteristic industry development is getting better.

Advantageous industries Accumulation of construction and building materials industry is one of the economic pillars of Yangshuoqiao Town. The financial income of the town above 60% comes from the construction and building materials industry. With the guidance of new ecological building materials, the town encourages enterprises to go boldly and develop new markets. One leg focuses on technological transformation, saving energy and reducing consumption, improving economic efficiency, and improving the overall advantages of the industry.

Sun Aibao said that Yang Jianqiao’s building and building materials industry has formed a cluster plate focusing on Baoye Group, Wynn Building Materials, Zhejiang Glass, Zhejiang Cement, and Southern Cement, and many companies have opened up and innovated inwards. The company focuses on the research and development of new ecological building materials and has taken a new world. The Zhenbao Group's industrial residential manufacturing and development technology has been successful, and recently signed a cooperation agreement with Japanese companies.

The "Zhejiang Cement" and "Southern Cement" have spent as much as 110 million yuan on technical reforms so far this year, which has greatly improved product quality while saving energy and reducing consumption. The general manager of “Southern Cement” Xiang Dajiang said that since the low-temperature waste heat power generation technology of the technical reform project was put into production in June last year, 33 kWh of electricity can be produced per ton of clinker production, equivalent to saving more than 10,000 tons of standard coal a year, saving The cost is as high as more than 10 million yuan. At the same time as energy saving, the quality of the company's products has been continuously improved. The compressive strength of cement like “425#” has reached 50 days, far exceeding the national standard of 28 days. The two cement companies achieved an output value of more than 900 million yuan last year and a tax of more than 78 million yuan.

Jinzeen Standard Parts Co., Ltd. is a company that mainly produces new bolts and nuts. Its new building material products for steel structures are used in key projects such as the CCTV Tower, the Olympic Bird's Nest, and the Macau Lisboa Hotel. At the same time, they become The designated bolt and nut supply enterprises of China Railway Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth Bureaus are used for the national key projects such as Hangyong High Speed ​​Rail and Hangchang High Speed ​​Rail, and are exported to the United States.

Emerging industries nurture and expand "Yongli Environmental Protection", "Vision for Universal Joints", "Blue Dragon Technology", and "Seiko Electromechanical"...... Sun Aibao has introduced to reporters the emerging industrial enterprises in Yangxunqiao Town. In his eyes, auto parts Emerging industries such as hardware, machinery, and synthetic diamonds are the potential and new engine of Yangshuo Bridge's economic development. The cultivation and expansion of emerging industries will greatly optimize the economic structure of the town and promote economic development by leaps and bounds.

"Blue Dragon Technology" is the only artificial diamond production enterprise in the province, and its production capacity ranks in the top six in the industry. Chairman Hong Jinkun pointed to the beautiful “diamond” under the microscope and told reporters: “Natural diamonds are formed by volcanic eruptions and are rare. Diamonds have irreplaceable roles in aerospace, medical, mechanical, environmental protection, and electronics. Therefore, the demand for synthetic diamond is very large, and the company converts graphite and pyrophyllite into diamond through the principles of mechanical high pressure and thermal high temperature, and the current production capacity reaches 120 million carats.

The good prospects of the industry have attracted the attention of many investors. At present, Blue Dragon Technology has signed cooperation agreements with three private equity companies, laying the foundation for the expansion of the company's listing. Behind the company's production workshop, the reporter saw that the second phase of the project has also been under intense construction. This year, the company will invest 120 million yuan to build 80 new production equipments, and the production capacity will reach 400 million carats.

“Yonli Environmental Protection” is a company that is committed to the research and development of environmental protection equipment. Currently, zinc empty batteries are widely used in disaster emergency power supplies, mobile phones, and notebook computers. The hydrogen fuel cells developed by the company have become emergency field power batteries for troops. "Yonli Environmental Protection" is also committed to the research and development of waste gas and wastewater treatment equipment. Its printing and dyeing vats have been exported to Bangladesh.

The "vision" car universal joints successfully "steered" to Russia, the United States, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Germany and other countries. At the same time, it also became a supporting fixed-point unit for domestic large-scale automobile plants such as FAW, Second Automobile, and Beijing Futian.

The flowers of "SEIKO" are open everywhere. The person in charge of the company told the reporter that following the successful development of the computerized sock machine needle and knitting machine parts, the company has invested in the development of a small-scale ultra-pure water treatment system, sewage treatment equipment, solar photovoltaic auxiliary equipment, photovoltaic solar polysilicon ingot furnace , Optical spot temperature non-contact thermometer and other products, research capabilities and market share have expanded.

Emerging industries have sprung up and brought new life and vitality to Yang Shuoqiao's economy. Yang Haoqiao, a well-known economic power town, is like a giant ship, constantly bucking the waves and sailing forward.