Open the door of fashion to create the beauty of life - AIMISUO Amy Suo

June 04, 2019

AIMISUO Amy Suo dominated women's fashion clothing, from the fashion metropolis. AIMISUO · Amy Suo brand women's clothing inspiration is perceptual, always evolved in the classic and innovation. Like a feminine and sweet lover, she offers innocent romances and infinite diversity to urban romantic women with diverse fashion proposals. In their most beautiful years, Aimisuo Aminzo has been. AIMISUO · Amy Sue costumes are ... confident beauty, loyalty to themselves, self gradually release; inner beauty, calm and calm, the heart no longer wandering; the most beautiful woman, elegant and exquisite, gorgeous charm from then on.


AIMISUO · Amyiso clothing style Inherited the "romantic fashion, urban simplicity, self-confidence, elegant" design concept, female psychology and brand spirit to find sources of inspiration, from the humanities architecture to the natural landscape, from art gallery to spiritual travel, from life Phenomenon to the spirit of the world ... ... each season adhere to the "fashion, intellectual, elegant" brand tone, the essence of the international fashion extract, to move the hearts of all kinds of fashion proposals to build a city of independent and free and sensual soul, let They firmly ring the highest voice of fashion, make their urban life more refined, to show the most real and natural urban new women.

AIMISUO Amy Sox will metropolitan sentiment fashion into this brave pioneer in the city, in one fell swoop as a fashion metropolis, the brand , always stand in the forefront of the metropolitan era.

Target consumer groups: 20-40-year-old fashion white-collar workers, urban new women, the pursuit of quality, intelligent, elegant intellectual woman.
Spring and summer price range: 169 yuan -699 yuan autumn and winter price range: 269 yuan -1999 yuan free service hotline:
Address: China Humen Town, Dongguan first industrial zone A10 Building Tel: