Over half of counterfeit high-end clothing comes from Guangdong

June 18, 2019

More than half of the "Italian goods" counterfeit high-end clothing came from Guangdong, and there were also some ridiculous "advertising loopholes" in the propaganda. The Italian name "Neo" was spelled "niao" by the merchants in Hanyu Pinyin. People are aware.

Statistics show that nearly half of the "Guangdong nationality" enterprises involved in fraudulent statistics have found that 30 of the enterprises listed in the "black list" of counterfeiters, including 14 registered in Guangdong, accounted for nearly half of the total.

The reporter noted that most of the 14 enterprises in Guangdong are concentrated in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. There are five of the former and four of the latter.

The provinces and cities with the second and third largest number of enterprises are Shanghai and Beijing respectively, with 7 and 5 respectively.

● Expert analysis Liu Chengyu, a professor of economics at Beijing Technology and Business University, said that fake brands are concentrated in economically developed regions due to the fact that companies in economically developed regions have the convenience of counterfeiting.

These enterprises or business managers often have years of experience in foreign orders, and some even do OEM processing for famous international brands all the year round, with advantages in production, technology, and talent.

According to statistics, among the 30 companies, the majority of companies producing high-end garments are 8 companies, accounting for about a quarter of the total number of companies.

Followed by the production of leather goods and glasses companies, each with 5; production of furniture and bedding companies also accounted for a certain number.

● Expert Analysis “The reason why China’s counterfeits are more often found in clothing, footwear, leather goods, etc. is related to the large number of OEMs and large domestic consumer groups.” Professor Liu told reporters.

According to a lawyer from the Beijing office of the Intellectual Property Department of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade, the "Italian brand" company has chosen the type of goods that Italy is good at.

"Like perfumes, they wouldn't go to pick up Italian brands, because perfumes are France's areas of expertise," she said.

Statistics show that there are only one-sixth of Italy's “**” companies and 30 of the three “blacklists” of the three batches. Italian companies have conducted detailed investigations on their trademark registrations.

According to Italian investigations, only 5 of the 30 companies have registered trademarks in Italy, accounting for only one-sixth of the total.

The "Italian **" does not mean that it has declared "Italian descent." The Italian investigation found that the above-mentioned registered trademarks in Italy are all Chinese enterprises or Chinese people applying for registration, and not Italian domestic persons registered trademarks.

It is typical of the NINORIVA brand. This leather goods and watch brand is known as “Mr. Nino Lila, a master of fashion craftsmanship, founded in Italy in 1958”. However, an Italian investigation revealed that the NINO RIVA series of trademarks are held by two Taiwanese companies, and the earliest application time was 1992.

●Expert analysis “Instead, this type of behavior is flagrantly fraudulent.” Prof. Liu Chengxin believes that companies have the courage to do this. On the one hand, they explain that the companies involved are fortunate, and on the other hand, they show that our efforts to combat counterfeiting are too small. There is no deterrent effect on these companies trying to falsify.

The price of fake foreign brands can be compared with those of Dior and Chanel. The survey found that the price of fake products is generally equal to that of high-end brands, among which glasses and household items are expensive.

Such as "luxury CODEX" glasses, each pair up to nearly 4,000 yuan, equivalent to the price of Chanel, Dior these brands, and such an expensive reason is simply printed on its goods and product tag "MADE IN ITALY"; and sales The staff of Haodu glasses admit that their products are not originally of Italian origin.

Another example is the Jiajia Dream JAJEMoN mattress, which costs 6,000 Euros. And Sanctis, head of the Beijing office of the Intellectual Property Department of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade, told reporters that in Italy, a luxury mattress costs only 500 euros, which is one-twelfth of the price of fake goods.

In fact, "Garga and Dreams" did not register a trademark in Italy at all. The so-called "Italian Louis Trading Co., Ltd." is nothing.

●Expert analysis: “Would the prices be cheaper than international brands?” Professor Liu said with a smile. If these counterfeit companies sell products that are not high in price, they are easily exposed.

“The way to business is to focus on accurately grasping the psychology of consumers. There are no shortage of masters in this area in China; on the other hand, it also shows that many people in the country are confused by the money and believe that foreign brands must be determined. Upscale, it must be expensive," she said.

The statistical word “from Italy” is the most commonly used word “originating from Italy.” The five words are the reporter’s investigation of the slogan of 30 companies involved in fraud. They are all used.

Among the trademarks, the highest utilization rate was “ITALY”. Some companies involved in fake companies directly include “ITALY” in their trademarks, such as “SSIMO ITALY” and “Nino Ferletti ITALY”, and some of them add “ITALY” to their trademarks, such as “pleasure roses” furniture, and the manufacturers in their trademarks. Under the "DOLCE ROSA", "ITALY" was significantly added, and the same method was used for the "Tien Entai" clothing.

● Expert Analysis Professor Liu Chengxi said that from the perspective of economics, creating brand value requires a huge amount of culture, technology, and time. Italy is an ancient country with advanced civilizations and traditional handicrafts. The brand value has been widely recognized in the world. In the heart of the people, the image of "Italian brand is upscale" has been formed.

The reason why the "Italian" slogan "has been so good" is that the most fundamental reason is that "Italy" has a huge brand value, which makes the value of the product double.

The statistical advertising loophole Neo was spelled as “niao” unnoticed. The reporter’s survey found that about one-fifth of the companies involved involved in fraud had obvious “advertising vulnerabilities”. In the survey, Sanctis and his colleagues were often dumbfounded by fraudsters.

The most "funny" example comes from the "Saab SABO" kitchenware, the brand known as "from Florence, Italy, kitchenware designed by Italian designer Milano Dino Beccagno". In the brochure, "Becanio" was spelled Beconiao, and "Neo" was written "niao". This is not the spelling rule for Italian names at all. It is entirely a Chinese spelling method for Chinese phonetics!

● Expert Analysis Professor Liu believes that, as mentioned earlier, it is the Italian brand that has huge value, which leads consumers to be blindfolded and not aware of these obvious “advertising loopholes”.

Professor Liu said that because of this, for this part of the consumer, the product brand with Italian information will allow them to take a closer look; if the quality is still plausible, they are willing to pay for it.

List of "Fake Italian Brands" filed by the Italian Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission Brand Name Product Type Nino Ferrletti Italy Apparel Bestibelli Milan Apparel Older Head Larento/Laorentou Apparel Milan Air MILANAIR Apparel FX FORTEI Apparel Warrior VALERIO Apparel ULENS Apparel Opel (OBOSI) Leather Goods SSIMO Leather Goods Tuscany Toskany Leather Goods Nino Lira NINORIVA Leather Goods, Watch Gladiator/GLADIATOR Gladiator General/GladGeneral Leather Goods, Hardware Milan Laundry Milan Chain Laundry San Marco San Marco Watches Isaiah ISAIAH Bedding Jiajia dream JAJEMoN Bedding Pochini household items Leonardo Da Vinci L&D/LEONARDO. DA. VINCI Tiles Must Picture BITTO Quartz Stones 泰恩 泰缇 TEENTITY Clothing Luxe CODEX Glasses George Giovanni GIORGIO GIOVANI Glasses Pescara PESCARA Glasses Roman Holiday ROMEHOLIDAY Glasses Vasto VASTO Glasses Joy Rose DOLCEROSA Furniture Bosini BOSNIA Furniture Saab SABO Kitchenware Italian Complaints Since then, three companies withdrew their propaganda about "Italian brand" and they did not publish it in the form.