Let customers find customers

June 25, 2019

[China Glass Network] Life insurance marketing is an infinitely expanding industry. Those who can develop in this industry must have a pioneering spirit of never-ending, and look for prospective customers, products and professional life insurance knowledge. Make it end up being your own customer. If you want to be a long-term tree in life insurance marketing, it is not enough to rely solely on personal efforts. You must also learn to make a good introduction.

First of all, we must first look for the source of the introduction, generally the following types of people will be very good introducers:

For the sake of people who know in the development: they have a higher level of trust in you, and they have already accepted your service. Based on emotional factors, they are more willing to help you.

Existing policyholders: They have already purchased your insurance products and are confident of you. As long as the after-sales service is in place, they are very satisfied. Such people can be your more introductory group.

Prospective depositor: Although you have not purchased insurance from you, you still have the ability to be your introducer. If your sales promotion is very enjoyable, even if he cannot be insured immediately based on certain factors, he is still willing to help you introduce a few Customers, this approach is worth a try.

Some important people: personnel directors of some big companies, travel agency leaders, civil servants, doctors, teachers, and even company secretaries. They have a lot of human resources in their hands. If your service can please them, they can help. you. Of course, in order to get the referral list smoothly, you must also visit them frequently, thank them for their support, and promptly tell him about the progress of the referrals. When you meet with a prospective policyholder, you may wish to use the introducer as a common topic and then enter the topic, which will help your communication.

We already know who to ask for a referral list, but what kind of referrals are easier to sign, or is it more conducive to the development of long-term business in the future? This brings us to the second question: how to choose the referral object?

In order to make the referral list in your hands more excavative, you should specifically ask the introducer to provide you with a key introduction:

I. Leaders of companies and units: Choosing such people as your referrals, I think not only will bring you one or two insurance policies, but may even bring you a market, a space, and become your future An inexhaustible pool of human resources.

Second, the influence center: This group of people is not a real power of a company, a unit or a certain group, but their interpersonal relationship is very good, the friends are also very extensive, and the relationship network is abnormally developed. Indeed, modern society is a network society. Whoever has a wide network and a good network will have a higher probability of success. Our marketing staff must also seize the power of this network. This first requires us to get the "website", which is the influential central figure and situation. This referral can be different. Once you are a person, your quality, your good service is recognized by them, then you will get unlimited Opportunity to get a steady stream of prospective customers.

Third, the staff of the special industry:

1. The sales staff of the real estate industry, their customers are all people with strong purchasing power, who can already treat consumption as an ordinary thing. It is not difficult to talk about insurance with them, increase their security and increase their value. Of course, if you want to get more details about the consumer groups, you have to go through the help of real estate sales people.

2, doctors, nurses, white angels to cure people, patients are always one of the people with a strong sense of crisis; relatives and friends of patients in the invisible suffering of relatives and friends will deepen their sense of crisis, their desire to insure is relatively common It is much stronger. If you have such a friend, it will be very beneficial to your exhibition. Now, I have a lot of referral materials in my hands. The next question is how to contact these "quasi-customers". Here I introduce a few commonly used referral customer contact methods for your reference:

First, use the referral letter: You first find a specific introducer, then hand in the letter to him in advance, ask him to sign the name, then ask him to provide a list of friends, use this special letter as a stepping stone I believe that everything will be exceptionally profitable.

Second, hold a customer association: use a holiday or a specific day to hold a customer association, old customers can bring relatives and friends to relax, this can deepen your relationship with customers, and will make you leisure In the entertainment, I have met a group of people who are very speculative with your old customers. Isn’t this a good thing to do with both?

Third, hold a special symposium: for a specific period, specific issues or social focus, hold a seminar or lectures, such as "public health reform", "modern people how to care for the elderly", "Do you care about the next generation?" Topics can be a topic for you to attract old customers and prospective customers. Through such activities, you can deepen your customers' risk awareness, find the next stage of expansion goals, and consciously look for customers' needs and concerns. His insurance plan, to open up more to introduce the market, then signing is just around the corner.