Golden Sun: cleaning bedding, small tricks

June 29, 2019

Abstract: The cleaning frequency of bedding can be determined according to personal hygiene habits. However, before using for the first time, it must be rinsed with water first, so that the bedding will become softer and less fading. How to properly clean bedding? Golden Sun Bedding experts will help you.

Keywords: cleaning cotton fabric wool silk silk linen gold sun

1, cotton fabrics are generally immersed for no more than 30 minutes, water temperature can not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Do not use detergents that contain bleaching ingredients.

2, wool, cashmere bedding should avoid long-term soaking, avoid the use of detergent containing biological enzymes, other detergents should also be used with caution, or a small amount.

3, silk, soy fiber, silk cotton bedding do not use detergent containing biological enzymes, add some vinegar when cleaning, use silky detergent to increase luster.

4, silk, bamboo fiber, chemical fiber to avoid high temperature soaking, naturally dry and avoid dry. Velvet fabrics cannot be ironed.

5, linen bed products should be washed carefully, and wringed.