Midsummer Men's Charm VASTO Vastain's new arrival in spring and summer

June 26, 2019

The VASTO 2012 Spring Summer Collection continues Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream" and demonstrates the graceful, calm, self-confident and elegant image of a gentle gentleman.

Saying goodbye to the heavy winter, people's thoughts are rejuvenated and released in the graceful spring and the hot summer of passion. VASTO's 2012 spring-summer series continues the pace of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and exemplifies the gentle and elegant elite. The gentleman is calm, confident, confident and elegant in the enticing floral world.

In the VASTO 2012 Spring/Summer image advertisement, VASTO men walk in the enchanting world built by elves. They wear classic suits, exquisite dresses, simple jackets, and leisure shirts, exuding different scenes and charms of the men's world. With a little high-pitchedness in calmness, they all attracted the love of the elf, queen, and fairy in midsummer night dreams.

VASTO Wadsworth Tracing the Classics

VASTO insists on recreating the meticulous dress attitude of gentlemen, using the most traditional tailoring methods to outline the image of calm men, and then using the shirts of the main push-type shirts to create a mix of light and dark colors to refine the essence of the classics, supplemented by the nobility's blue and purple colors. The pink color embellishes the colors of the entire series and makes them more stable and elegant.

VASTO 2012 Spring Summer Classic Series

Business work is the focus of men's lives. The simple silhouette of the West, stylish and lightweight jacket is the crowning touch to this season. The VASTO Business Line emphasizes its quality on the fabrics, while the color is based on the natural color of the earth and the refreshing pink color. With the extensive use of casual clothes, it illustrates a calm and relaxed sense of comfort and a comfortable wearing experience. And consistent professional image support the most confident side of men's work.

VASTO 2012 Spring Summer Business Series

After the rush, why not take a weekend off and get tired and put on a relaxing holiday outfit to enjoy the leisurely beach of Sunshine Beach? The VASTO Ocean series has strong visual impact, bold use of popular colors, bright greens, oranges, and regular marine blues and whites. It is complemented by red and yellow through-tones, bright and lively, stylish and of high quality. Sports and leisure shorts, portable folding jackets, double silk T-shirts and other styles, innovative and practical ideas for this casual outdoor series add a lot of color.

VASTO 2012 Spring Summer Ocean Series

VASTO quality quality leather goods boutique

In addition to the clothing line, VASTO 2012 leather goods and boutiques are equally exciting. Leather series pays attention to strict Italian handmade craftsmanship, almost harsh, each detail has been crafted by craftsmen's exquisite craftsmanship, and strives to be perfect. High-quality crocodile leather, lizard skin, ostrich skin and rubbed leather are unique and precious. Whether they are holding on to the waist or stepping on the feet, they all reveal the nobleness and taste of men. Like the main crocodile shoes for this season, the selection of high-quality belly leather is naturally soft and timeless.

VASTO men's leather bag and clutch

VASTO rub color leather series

VASTO Crocodile Leather Men's Shoes

VASTO ostrich leather briefcase

VASTO Vastain tastes from the persistence of details

VASTO boutique series, taking into account the elite men's meticulous pursuit of high quality of life, launched a variety of products including glasses, lighters, belts, writing instruments and watches, among which the watch is an essential item highlighting the elite gentleman's taste. VASTO participates in the Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair for three consecutive years. The Sacred Family tourbillon, first displayed in 2012, is the brand's dedication to masterpieces. Seiko inlays and exquisite designs derived from classical art have made VASTO's “shared art” concept shine. More styles of VASTO watch both the fashion and functionality, momentum calm, but not overly assertive edge, reflecting the brand has always been simple, noble, stable, is the favorite of successful men.

VASTO watch series

VASTO Collection

The dream of A Midsummer Night's dreams, the VASTO men's debut becomes more perfect. The beauty of dreams is not indulging. It is the embellishment of life. It fades from night to night. VASTO men are still confident in the bright sunshine.