Huadu supports 70 million leather goods SMEs every year

June 15, 2019

Huadu District, Guangzhou City has been awarded the title of “China Leather Capital”, “China Audio Capital” and “China Jewelry Capital” in these two years. However, the enterprises in these three industries are mostly small and medium enterprises. In order to reduce the impact of the global economic downturn on SMEs, Huadu District has adopted a multi-pronged approach to solve the problems of SMEs' hardships and narrow sales. At the same time, Huadu District's economy takes automobile manufacturing as the lead industry, vigorously promotes industrial transformation and upgrading, and accelerates the construction of Huadu into a sub-center of northern Guangzhou.

Yesterday, some overseas media stationed in Guangzhou visited Huadu to visit the new urbanization situation. Zhu Chengzhi, deputy head of Huadu District, said that Huadu District has introduced four policies to solve the problem of SMEs' difficulties and narrow sales. He said that Huadu District cooperated with financial institutions in the city and established the first private agency in Guangzhou to help SMEs solve the problem of hardships and hardships. Secondly, the Huadu District Government will allocate 70 million yuan each year. Yuan, to support SMEs with high technological content and potential for development, to help them really become bigger and stronger; third, to improve the export environment of enterprises, to use the Canton Fair and other opportunities to build a street of leather goods, an electronic display of a street, etc.; 4. Each year, Huadu District will organize local companies and European and American civil associations to conduct exchanges and provide a platform for contacts and exchanges.