Memory fabric

June 13, 2019

Memory fabric Introduction

MEMORY FABRIC refers to fabrics with morphological and memory functions, and others also refer to memory fabrics or modal memory fabrics. "It means that an article with a certain original shape, after being deformed and fixed, can be restored to its original shape and characteristics under specific external conditions (such as thermal, mechanical, optical, magnetic, or electrical, etc.), and initial applications such as On some alloy products, the memory fiber refers to some characteristics that can remember the initial state when the fiber is formed once, and any deformation of the fiber can occur after the fiber is shaped, and the deformation that occurs under the effect of a lower temperature or external force is fixed, when given The specific external temperature or external force of the deformed fiber stimulates the fiber to return to its original state.In simple terms, the fiber can be quickly deformed under the influence of external factors, and it can quickly recover the deformation under the influence of external stress. Fabrics made of such fibers are called shape memory fabrics.

market situation

At present, there are so-called semi-memory, full-memory, and imitation memory fabrics on the market. The quality of fabrics varies, and prices vary greatly. The so-called "half-memory" in the market means that "memory fibers" are used in the single direction of the warp or weft, and "full memory" usually refers to fabrics made of "memory fibers" made of warp and weft materials, and also used by many manufacturers. Ordinary polyester filaments are twisted for light alkali or non-alkali treatment to lied on memory fabrics. Most of these fabrics are jerky and not resilient, and their elasticity after deformation is poor and relatively weak. Some people also use PU coatings to improve. The elasticity of this type of counterfeit memory fabric is somewhat similar to that of real memories, but due to the innate deficiencies of counterfeit memory fabrics, there are still great differences between real memory fabrics. Really, the memory fabric fabric can be deformed arbitrarily. The deformation at the time of the deformation is a fabric instead of a line, it is easy to reply, and it is very flexible and tough.

fabric features

Its raw material contains the biological "PDO (1,3-propane alcohol) made from cereal starch (glucose), which has its own function of absorbing moisture and perspiration. Garments made from its fabric are not supported by external forces. It can hold any shape independently and it can present any folds, and it can be completely restored to flatness after being raked by hand, without leaving any creases, and the shape is permanent.This kind of fabric has good fold recovery (good folds) The effect and resilience are the characteristics of the latest international functional fabrics, comfort of hand, soft luster, fine texture, softness, drape, anti-pollution, chemical resistance, dimensional stability, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet and so on. The important thing is that with the “memory”, the fabrics become easy to care and easy to care for.Since the memory products of domestic products are fully mature, relevant textileists predict that memory garments will be the mainstream fashion products in the market in the next 2-3 years. The fabric is suitable for suits, windbreakers, jackets, ladies' suits, etc.