Ten serious injuries from high heels

June 04, 2019

[This site - Dr. shoes] First, lumbar and cervical spine injury:

When the posture is upright, the vertebrae are in contact between the face and the face, and the force is dispersed and difficult to damage. When the spine is bent, the contact surface between the vertebrae becomes smaller, the stress tends to concentrate, and even concentrates to one point, and the pressure rapidly increases. Large, it is easy to damage the vertebrae. High-heeled shoes make the person's center of gravity excessively advance, inevitably cause the pelvis to lean forward, the curvature of the spine increases, and the concentration of the lumbar vertebrae and the cervical spine is prone to injury. The accumulation of this kind of injury will eventually lead to the occurrence of low back pain and cervical spondylosis.

Second, knee disease:

Due to the change of the negative gravity line, the cartilage of the knee joint is abraded, which induces or aggravates articular cartilage degeneration.

Third, ankle sprain:

In other words, when a normal person walks or moves, the ankle tends to produce an inward turning force, and the outer side of the shoe is always the first to wear out. People's self is constantly adjusting this turning force to maintain balance, but after putting on high-heeled shoes, the adjustment ability will be weakened, and it will easily cause "bad feet." And the higher the heel, the greater the potential energy that turns inwards, and the more serious the injury.

Fourth, flat feet:

The main reason for the flat feet is the relaxation of the aponeurosis, which is located on the soles of the feet and maintains the arch stability as a bowstring. The higher the heel, the longer the arch of the forearm, the greater the tension (tension) of the diaphragm. If the long-term tensile force is too large, the aponeurosis is loosened and the arch will be reduced, resulting in severe flat feet.

Fifth, thumb valgus:

The tip of the toe is too sharp and the thumb is squeezed, which can cause the thumb to evert. The eversion of the thumb has always been the friction of the shoes, there will be a spike-like tenderness when inflamed.

6. Thumb bursitis:

A pointed toe can squeeze your feet, which can exacerbate the problem of bunions. Bunionitis: swelling and inflammation of thumb joints. Bunions may also occur in other toes. Experts do not think crowded, pointed high heels can cause bunions, but experts have shown that high heels do worsen bunions.

Seven, toe-like:

When the toes are forced to press against the front of the shoe, the toes will be in an unnatural form, causing the joints in the middle of the toes to deform as the toes often bend. Toenails can cause pain in the toes.

Eight, fatigue fractures:

Heel pressure caused by high heels may cause stress fractures.

Nine, corns or thick eyes:

Where shoes and feet constantly rub, they will grow thick hard skin. When you wear high heels, your feet slide forward and squeeze in the narrow shoes. This creates a whole new pressure point on your feet and creates friction.

Tenth, zygomatic joint pain:

In addition to changing the gravity distribution of the entire body, high heels will cause more weight to move toward the sacrum. This can cause stress and pain in the forefoot.

The foot is the supporting point of the human body. From the anatomical point of view, it is like an “arch bridge” structure. The heel is a pier. The bone of the forefoot is another pier. The middle bone forms an arched structure to withstand the weight and disperse stress of the human body. Every step of walking must involve the above important structure.

Modern holographic therapies believe that all organs of the human body have corresponding reflex zones at the foot, which protects our feet, can enhance physical fitness, regulate immunity, promote blood circulation, and can treat digestive system, motor system, cardiovascular system, and urinary system. And many diseases of the endocrine system.

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