Into the garment industry in the spring

May 01, 2019

Editor's comment: All said that 2012 was the “winter” once in a hundred years of clothing industry. Unlike most companies, as early as the end of 2010, senior executives of Weihong Group began to learn from the keen sense of the market, from strategic layout, organization and management, The industrial structure, target budget and capital reserves have made substantial preparations for this winter.

On February 8, most of the garment enterprises in the Pearl River Delta are still suffering from a shortage of funds, high labor costs, rising exchange rates, power shortages, people shortages, and a single wasteland. Dongguan Weihong Garment Co., Ltd.'s computer factory Woolen weaving mills and other factories have started production as scheduled.

It is said that 2012 is the “winter” of the clothing industry once in a hundred years. Unlike most companies, as early as the end of 2010, the senior level of Weihong Group started with a keen sense of market sense, from strategic layout, organization management, industrial structure, The target budget and funding reserves made many substantive preparations for this winter.

Transfer from the international market to the domestic market. Due to the lack of optimism in the international situation, a dedicated team is currently established to watch the domestic market; from increasing investment in assets to increasing investment in research and development of new products and technologies, R&D investment of RMB 3 million is expected for the whole year of 2012; from manual high operating costs to computers Low operating cost transfer; 2012 "birds * exchange guns" is expected to put into operation 600 computer flat knitting machine and 300 computer flat car, through this effect can increase profits of tens of millions of dollars. Fully realize the transfer of traditional manual to computer intelligent operations; from the low value-added generation processing to the creation of high value-added self-owned brand transfer, the “clothing” brand created by the Group’s Dongguan Dina Garments Co., Ltd. in 2011 will be sold for 12 years. In the form of chain stores, it focuses on the domestic high-end men's and women's apparel and children's wear market. Currently, the brand has begun to enter the stage of substantial market operation.

From the project cost down to cut the project budget. Companies have been talking about reducing costs, but the cost has remained high for many years. Since last October, Weihong Group has directly cut budgets by strengthening target budget management, and controlled the possibility of high costs from the source. In response to various limitations of the talented “airborne force”, the group began to reshuffle its corporate management framework in the first half of last year, treating employees with good welfare and treating them as partners, and many colleagues who have left their posts to develop Reinvested in the company's arms, it also brought back new resources for development. In this way, while ensuring the stability of the company's team, it also enhances the company's hematopoietic function.

Faced with rising labor costs in the coastal areas, the company started the production base project in the Mainland as early as two years ago. The 500-mu garment industry park currently investing in the Mainland is already in its infancy and is expected to be put into production in 2013. Really transferred from the coastal monomer processing plant to the inland production base model.

Thanks to early preparation, early planning, high starting point, high planning, and effective cost control before the year, the team’s morale is stable and the industry’s reputation is good. While all the work is being carried out steadily, it has also received full support from customers and banks. "The three armed forces have moved, enough food and grass," and the work of the Group has shown a trend of defiance in the winter of this apparel industry. At present, the company is entering the spring of Weihong people's own clothing industry in a state of high morality. Facing the future, Weihong Group proposes to adhere to customer first, respect the value of employees, promote social harmony, and strive to create the goal of “costume kingdom” that makes employees feel happy and make products internationally competitive.