Fujian enterprises find a breakthrough: shoes and clothing are the way out

May 15, 2019

Clothing is no longer limited to clothing in this area, they will reach out to the footwear market; sales of casual shoes is no longer just "the king selling melons, only selling melons", some of them play "wave brand", some Then joined the outdoor army.

Shoe companies have broadened their industrial belts. For most young consumers, Rich Bird is a very distant and quite unfamiliar brand, but in many “70s” and “80s” hearts, this brand is the symbol of leather shoes. A pair of rich bird shoes proud, wearing rich bird shoes unique face. Obviously, Rich Bird's “head man” Lin Heping did not want his glory to be fixed only in the 80s and 90s of the last century. On July 13th, 2010, Fortune Bird Group launched a sub-brand with the concept of “tide”, AnyWalk (An Nik Walker, relying on the Group’s strong financial strength, quickly deploys terminals and has franchised stores or shopping malls in provinces and cities with strong spending power such as Shanghai, Chengdu, Dalian and Qingdao.

In fact, before the rich bird, Mulinsen also expanded the field and entered the outdoor sports market. Compared with the rich bird, Mulinsen's products are more leisurely and the production line of casual shoes is more abundant. It is understandable to enter the outdoors. What's more, they love a set of data. Since the outdoor industry was formed in 2000, the outdoor products industry has been The growth rate of 48.9% even exceeded the IT industry in the same period. For this reason, in 2010, Mulinsen invested 50 million yuan in outdoor sports to start the market, invested 100 million yuan to expand the market, and 200 end-sale online shops have been established. In addition, including Jinmai Wang and Mengshida are involved in outdoor casual shoes, an "outdoor wind" has been blown up in the "Chinese shoes capital" Quanzhou.

Shoe and clothing companies have leveraged their efforts to “seven wolf shoe industry is now no longer the same.” Zhou Shaoxiong, Chairman of Seven Worms Industry Co., Ltd., said that as the earliest company to realize “diversified” development in Quanzhou, seven wolves have already tasted the sweetness and seven wolf sports. The sales revenue for the whole year has broken 1 billion yuan, and the sales of the seven wolf shoes industry (including leather goods) have also increased year by year. Zhou Shaoxiong has no secret that his goal is to open up the whole field from shoes to clothes to accessories and finally luxury goods.

"The first one to eat crabs is not the pioneer or the martyrs." Obviously, PPG became a martyrs, and Vanke became a pioneer. As we all know, where passengers are famous for selling T-shirts and shirts, the quantity and types of their direct sales are also increasing day by day. After taking over the apparel product market, Chen Nian and his guests have extended their reach into the field of footwear products. After two years of development, where the sales of passenger footwear products have now become an important part of their company, plans to market the old, most likely in 2012 the amount of passenger shoes to maximize the amount.

If we say that seven wolves and Vanke "cross-border" shoes, then the Jiangsu and Zhejiang brands such as Busen entered the apparel field from the shoe company.

“Jiangsu and Zhejiang shoe companies are slowly transitioning.” Huang Youshun, who designs brands for Fortunebird, Mulinsen, Hung Hom, Aokang and other well-known shoe companies, said that if Fujian is the casual men’s world, then Zhejiang is In fact, the capital of leather shoes, in addition to shoe products, many shoe companies like Jiangsu and Zhejiang have begun to slowly transform, began to get involved in supporting areas like clothing, “This is the trend of the times, the future, with sufficient financial strength they will enter the field of accessories "Huang Youshun said.

The long-term involvement of the brand development does not mean that it will succeed, but it will not succeed if it does not involve it! "For cross-border development, companies often need higher visibility and market awareness." Yuan Fang, director of CCTV Media Strategy, said that cross-border is not easy, but for shoes and apparel companies, cross-border is a must.

In order to highlight the height of AnyWalk, Lin Heping has specifically matched the international brand think tank team, space system design team and mainstream communication channel resources. Since 2012, AnyWalk's tailor-made TV programs will be broadcast on the air. The programs and advertising from CCTV to urban TV will be fully open. “Story of fashion” is also an important promotion method. Today's market, in addition to the big strategy, is to invest money." Lin Heping said that making a brand is like making a conference. It needs height and dazzling.

Not long after it was established, Mu Linsen became a member of the American Outdoor Industry Association, and it was also the first Chinese company to be selected in the country. “We advocate healthy, environmentally friendly, calm and passionate ways of living.” Lin Rongzhou, chairman of the Mulinson Group, said: Mulinsen’s initial definition of the outdoors is a global strategy and competes with the world's biggest names. “After doing so many years of shoes, we know that any success cannot be achieved overnight. Therefore, we must put our eyes on the long term, and we cannot count on one pool and one pool. Gains and losses."

“We will cross development in the field of shoes and clothing.” Zhang Wenbin, Chairman of the Active Group Holdings Co., Ltd., said that the success of the listing has not only injected great confidence to the development of China's casual footwear industry that is at the critical stage of transformation and upgrading, but also important. The fact is that the brands including Jinmai Wang and Greif have a broader development platform. It is no longer a dream to become a brand operator of shoes and clothing.