Dream Lisa simple European style of the court to create beautiful curves

May 15, 2019

Dream Lisa Ladies Classic Series This series is a modern woman forever fashion, for every pursuit of fashion and quality, emphasizing the exquisite handmade decorative box fabric texture, showing a sense of low-key luxury, highlighting the noble female or sweet and lively The attractive charm.


梦丽莎女装 简约欧陆宫廷风格塑造优美曲线

Lisa with simple style of European court, through the perfect curve, the details of excellence, modern women to bring endless comfortable touch, graceful without losing romance. Brand was founded in 1995, the designer distinctive, delicate taste urban women longing for romance, nostalgia innocent, the pursuit of an elegant state of mind, the design of the classical and fashion staggered combination, showing elegant, pure, beautiful and romantic style.