Big Brand Clothing Quality Problems Market “Problem Apparel” One after another

May 04, 2019

A few days ago, Guangzhou City conducted tests on children's clothing on the market. The results showed that nearly half of the tested clothing did not meet the standard. Subsequently, Jack Jones, Hongxing Erke and many other well-known clothing brands were found to have quality problems by the Changchun City Administration of Industry and Commerce. After visiting the Yulin market, the reporter found that although “problem clothing” has appeared one after another, many consumers still only pay attention to clothing prices, styles, etc., and rarely notice its own safety.

Exposure Jack Jones and other major brands also have quality problems as early as August last year, including Li Ning, Adidas, and many other well-known brands at home and abroad, the international environmental protection organization Greenpeace pointed out that the product has residual toxic and harmful substances NEP, the substance may cause Precocious puberty. Recently, the Trade and Industry Bureau of Changchun City issued the "Quality Supervision Information for Circulation in the First Quarter of 2012". Quality problems were detected in a number of well-known clothing brands, among which the Jack Jones brand produced by Nobuyuki Fashion (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Equipped with jeans and Fujian Hongxing Erke Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., Hongxing Erke Card Sweaters are all on the list. Excessive formaldehyde, water-fast perspiration, non-compliance, etc.

Survey consumers do not know how to interview national standards of clothing found that most consumers often ignore the consideration of the safety of clothing when buying clothes, and they do not know that there are national standards for clothing.

“Generally buying personal clothing will be more concerned with the fabrics and workmanship of the clothes. If the prices are reasonable and fashionable, they will be purchased.” Ms. Liu said that she rarely cares about the safety of clothes. The reporter visited and found that the clothing of general large-scale shopping malls and brand clothing stores has basically signs, and there are necessary ingredients and instructions for washing, and related certification marks. Some small individual clothing stores or street stalls that are not clearly marked with “safety attire” and clothing grade “problem clothing” can be seen everywhere.

In a shop selling children's clothes on South Street, the reporter saw that most of the clothes in the store were tagged, but there was no sign indicating “identity” for the clothes on sale at the entrance “Float”. In this regard, the shop owner used to say no wonder, "No sign of the clothes is a no-name, not our flagship product. However, the quality of clothes is certainly no problem. Clothes are outside the body, rarely heard that clothes will have 'poison' ."

Remind to buy clothes to look at the label colors too bright clothes should be carefully selected due to textile products in the printing and dyeing process, to add a variety of dyes, auxiliaries and other finishing agents, such as formaldehyde-containing finishing agents, can reduce the manufacturer's production costs, but easy Formaldehyde levels in clothes are excessive, and children with delicate skin wear clothes with excessive levels of formaldehyde, which can easily cause asthma and decreased resistance. Therefore, the "National Technical Code for Basic Safety of Textile Products" has clearly defined restrictions on the content of formaldehyde, color fastness, and PH value in textiles, and stipulates that there must be no odor in products and no use of decomposable aromatic amine dyes.

In addition, the spring has come, colorful spring clothing are also listed one after another, industry insiders remind consumers that the color is too bright clothes are careful and toxic, the dyeing process may use the order of the decomposition of aromatic amines.

An insider who is engaged in the clothing wholesale business suggested that when purchasing clothes, the public should try to go to regular shopping malls and specialty stores to purchase. Be careful when choosing colorful clothes. Try to choose clothes that have the National Compulsory Standard GB18401-2003. .