Step cloud men's brand upgrade "trilogy" terminal image

May 19, 2019

Step cloud brand originated in the 1980s, after ups and downs of more than 20 years of development history, has accumulated Fengbang clothing features, precipitated the cloud history and culture. In recent years, in order to seek greater development, the step-cloud management, with Octavia's vision and decisive move, took Step Cloud to a whole new level in the form of "trilogy." Step cloud men's terminal to transform a good terminal environment can drive the popularity of the consumer. The image of sales terminals to enhance the step cloud brand clothing to enhance the initial project, but also the primary project. In 2009, the company set out to work together with professional decoration companies to jointly create the image of terminal stores. After several years of operation of many demonstration stores, the company analyzed the brand culture and product characteristics of Buyun and analyzed the defects in the decoration of model shops and carried out corrections and transformations. And from all aspects of subdivision and research to make in line with brand development and product quality of the terminal image design program to establish a new step cloud terminal SI image system. In the same year in several major provincial capitals are out of the flag cloud store, received excellent results. In 2010, with the creation of the terminal benchmarking image, it set off a great innovation in the end market of Buyun. With the full support and reasonable planning of the company, flagship stores all over the country rose to new stores in the whole country within a year One hundred. In 2011, the standard of having a flagship store in each city within the agency area was basically reached. As the saying goes, "Buddha by gold, people rely on clothing", the store as a brand sales terminal core and brand development closely. Brand image of the terminal means brand innovation and development, led by the new image, step cloud sales performance has been gradually improved. Star endorsement A good brand or product promotion by the image, identify the star for the clothing step cloud brand endorsements, to drive influence and drive sales, this is a very important core. Step cloud brand positioning is suitable for successful men's business casual wear, step cloud culture concept is: "tolerance, atmosphere, honesty, responsibility", in 2011 the company hired movie star Zhang Guoqiang as company image spokesman. Zhang Guoqiang's impression to the public is that of a good standard man. Both Chen Hailei, "My brother's name is Shun Liu", Wang Haitao, "Wang Haitao this year," or Secretary Shen Hao in Forever Loyalty, Is the image of men in the clouds. "Experience the real man" is a step cloud men's advertising positioning, but also consistent with the positioning of Zhang Guoqiang audience, can be described as a step-cloud tailor-made star image. Zhang Guoqiang Endorsement Bu Yun naturally make consumers understand the story, the accepted personality and Buyun closely linked to increase Guoqiang and Buyun brand both connotation and content. With the help of the image and popularity of celebrities, we promoted the affinity and identity of our customers with "BuYun" through TV, newspapers, billboards and other forms of publicity, expanding the visibility and influence of BuYun brand. Unified orders Facing the terminal transformation, and the image of the upgrade, the original business model has been unable to adapt to the pace of cloud development. For Buynow, 2011 is a year of challenges and change is the theme of this year. The adjustment of business model is the key to brand turning point and promotion. The unified ordering is a new opportunity for the sustainable development of Buyun. April 17 this year, step cloud company management committee in Jinan meeting after a serious and thorough discussion, decided this year the company will implement a unified order operation mode. Focus on the original scattered orders for the unified order, the brand form a step cloud style. The implementation of a unified order, can promote the concentration of products, style, grade, which is the inevitable trend of brand development. In late May, step cloud 2011 autumn and winter binding goods in "Fengbang village" --- Fenghua grand. The order will be a new starting point after the reorganization of the step cloud, but also the beginning of a new mode of step by step unified cloud ordering. Company leaders and agents held a preparatory meeting, discussed in detail how to improve the sales scale, the operation of a new series, grasp the trend, optimize the order management and other aspects. Clear strategic guidance coupled with complete, stylish new products, from step clouds all over the country agents, dealers have witnessed the 2011 Buiyin new fall and winter bring surprises and shock. Dealers on this order will be given a high rating, we all agreed that: a unified order, worry and effort; category focus, style rich, especially with a series of product mix, easier to compare and grasp the style; agents on the 2011 Autumn and winter hot product is full of confidence. Have said they will make concerted efforts to expand the market and jointly create the future of Step Cloud. The order volume of the first record high. Step cloud brand positioning is to step cloud into a scale, distinctive, high-quality, popular, market share of large brands. There are plans to have a goal, there is a goal there is a direction, there will be gains in direction. Believe that step cloud will be the new image of the impact of the operation of the new model set off a new round of fashion and sales craze, make step cloud brand to create brilliant.