Silk Lai Lanka women to meet the diverse needs of urban women's clothing

June 04, 2019

Silk Lai Lan cards are under the Castle Garments Co., Ltd. under one of the famous brands; it is a research and development design, production, sales and management as one of the new thinking clothing enterprises. Silk Lai Lan card, advocate "your satisfaction, my pursuit of" brand culture, to meet the diverse urban women, self-confidence, independence, fashion, elegant clothing needs.

丝丽岚卡女装 满足多元化都市女性的衣装需求

丝丽岚卡女装 满足多元化都市女性的衣装需求

Silk Lai Lan card

"Never far away from the line, the pursuit of endless." Silk Lai Lan card will, as always, Endeavor, dedication to building a beautiful cause of light and heat, forging a monument to the fashion women's industry Forever forward. Brand positioning in young women aged 18-35 years old, advocating fashion, personality, design avant-garde, easy to mix, very modern, Japanese and Korean fashion elements and more. Silk Lai Lanka replacement spokesman, debut similar to the beach.