Name Lai brand women's brand building into the network era

May 13, 2019

"China and Europe" saw the general trend of world development. Therefore, for Chinese and Europeans, it is necessary to understand that the name Elaine brand building and brand name Elai brand marketing has entered the Internet era. Of course, we have been in the internet age for a long time, but we do not understand and use the concept of "net" well. Like all previous brand marketing research, most of the time it was chain-like, including the value chain (Kevin Keller's brand value chain model), but for the moment, it's all net-like. Of course, it is not enough just to have an insight into it, and to do a thorough study. In the internet age, we should think deeply and study how the brand should be done, how the marketing should be done, how to spread it, and connect the brand marketing network through the network, WeChat, Weibo and handheld terminals.

In the Internet era, compared with the past, there has been a shift in the access to information between vendors and customers. What is flip? Because all along, the information between manufacturers and customers is asymmetric, the manufacturers know, customers do not know. However, in the era of networking, everyone gathered more customers with a common consumer experience and gathered a lot of real experts in the information communication and interactive platform of the media, microblogging, blogs and forums. In this case, even the manufacturers do not know, the customer already knows, this is the asymmetric information flip.