"Longyao the world," the fall of Cashel 2012 autumn shoes new conference ended

May 08, 2019

March 7, 2012, "Longyao the world," the official launch of the Fall 2012 Casio summer shoes in the "China Shoes" Jinjiang ended. In this order, Cascade business partners and distributors to share new autumn shoes, brand development planning. Carlisle 2012 "Longyao world" autumn orders will be clear brand strategy, systematic planning strategic initiatives, the proposed new brand strategy is Cassell children's shoes brand development on the road to major initiatives on the future of the brand Development has great guiding significance. But also said that in the new year hand in hand with the dealer's grand vision to lead the Cassidy into a more brilliant future, continue to "China's children's shoes, supplies first" goal. It is reported that the conference, the chairman Mr. Ding Canyang on the future development of the road to the brand of Carix made a clear strategic plan: First, to enhance and perfect the total The operating mechanism of the Company and its subsidiaries enhances the information transmission and close collaboration so as to facilitate a more accurate understanding of market information and feed back the market and grasp the demand and trends in the children's clothing market in various regions. Second, to strengthen the terminal retail management, through the terminal hardware construction, improve service awareness, improve sales skills, optimize staff management and build efficient terminal execution, to improve the terminal's overall combat capability. Thirdly, from the perspective of market demand and brand development, guided by the guidance of terminal operation, some adjustments have been made to the ordering mode and a more elaborate ordering mode has been adopted. Fourthly, integrate the resources conducive to the development of enterprises and brands to form a promotion model of "online communication, online interaction, terminal support, public relations activities and media momentum" to achieve the full range of three-dimensional communication effects and achieve brand image and sales Increase the dual goals. During the press conference, Cassidy demonstrated the fall of 2012 with the highlight of technology products. This series of new products is a national invention patent product that CASELON has reached a strategic cooperation with Huaguang College and developed "a method of organism fusion method for manufacturing shoe materials"; Carixon cooperated with experts deeply to mature The scientific research applied to the production technology and molding products, developed foot massage health shoes and natural health shoes. Use technology to improve product quality and product attached value, let children wear more healthy and comfortable, more suitable for children's growth. The event concluded successfully in a harmonious atmosphere. Dealers from all over said they were very satisfied with the event. They fully affirmed the deployment of the brand development strategy in 2012 and new technology products. They also said they will respond to the call of the parent company to strengthen Manufacturers exchange, promote the terminal standardized management, promote brand upgrade, with practical action to promote the cause of the brand carixilong to a new height.