ELLE brand underwear to enjoy irresistible French fashion

May 09, 2019

ELLE brand from France, headquartered in the beautiful Paris. After more than half a century's efforts, ELLE from France has become a well-known fashion brand. The ELLE brand offers modern women a variety of simple but elegant fashion options from ready-to-wear, underwear and accessories to household items, ELLE products have been integrated into all aspects of life, covering 46 countries and over 3,000 cities worldwide.


March 2006 ELLE underwear from Guangzhou Bai Sheng Yi Trading Co., Ltd. formally introduced into the Chinese market. ELLE unique international fashion taste, fusion of fashion and French elegance, constantly perfect interpretation of fashion classic trends, innovative design styles and concepts, the daily life of women's underwear fashion, fashion, while bringing the French girl's refined lifestyle. As a leader in the fashion industry, ELLE also contains a unique lifestyle, to express a dynamic, positive, modern attitude to life, not only for every fashion women to choose their own freedom, but also let this freedom change non-stop . ELLE elegance, lurking gentle sexy, close to the natural color of the natural show, with impeccable fashion details, so that the latest trends in clothing, accessories and household items incessantly. ELLE will charm, elegant, creative, stylish vividly presented. Cost-effective make this French style irresistible, a favorite of fashion women's love.

ELLE品牌内衣  享受无可抗拒的法国风尚