Cool than the cool debut 2012CHIC

May 08, 2019

Jubilee Belt, is a very few at home and abroad with its own development and research of the belt brand of large factories, and leather goods manufacturing enterprises, factories in 1992 was established in China was the world's commodity capital of Yiwu, Jabil leather goods, the company dedicated Belt in the high-low level of professional design, production and sales of products, including men and women casual belts, belts and men's fashion leather belt, (PVC, PU, ​​braid and so on, for a long time companies adhere to the people-oriented, quality win and excellence, Therefore, the overall quality of all employees is continuously improved, the quality of production is fully guaranteed, and the structure of new products is further improved. Thanks to this , The company developed steadily and the influence of the products has covered all regions at home and abroad. With the continuous expansion of consumer groups around the world, the company's brand culture enjoys popular support, the company will have a bright future. Yiwu Jabil belts Co., Ltd. sole responsibility, when Style Jabil leather goods, sales, service and market expansion in the global market. Hall No .: E6 / E7: Fashion Accessories Booth No .: E717 Date: March 26-29, 2012 Venue: Beijing · China International Exhibition Center (New Hall - 88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu District, Shunyi District, Beijing)