2012 show Dai young girl fairy tale sweet color

May 03, 2019

2012 show Dai launch young girl series, such as fairy tale sweet tone and heart-shaped printing, coupled with the cup bowl of lace embellishment, blooming thick girl feelings. 1. Revolutionary innovative thin set A cup, designed specifically for this bra custom shape mats, thoughtful thoughtful design, to create double-cup experience. 2. In pursuit of the best match with the effect of the upper and lower chiffon lace all the difficult incorporation practices, chicken heart two-color ribbon is embellished the girl's pretty sweet. 3. After the 肶 a row of three rows of back buckle design comfortable and stable without restraint.


"Sunshine" always create one after another full of vitality of the season and trend, and consistently burst forth a brilliant light, giving a warm, bright! What will you do on a sunny day? Sit under the wisteria stand, enjoy the sunshine, flowers and breeze? Or walk in the park on the stone path? No matter what, you will be grateful for such a beautiful day, is it? So like the sun, flowers, the girls are waiting for what? Come and thousands of Mei Xi show Dai designer embarked on a journey to decrypt the sun password! Light and romantic network, embroidery lace lingering, like an exquisite romantic violin song, let you calm, memories, or look back or look forward to or melancholy or brilliant, in the mild melody, to a perfect encounter it.