Winman BINMAN brand women's perfect combination of Chinese and Western fashion

April 15, 2020

" Bin Man BINMAN" Women brand tradition elegant connotation, mature women show wisdom and strength to guide the modern urban women, the pursuit of high-quality worth having dressing style and way of life. Popular with the international fashion color, distinctive personality of the popular style; the perfect combination of self-cultivation and wisdom, never tired, memorable;


Brilliant lake blue is like a fairy in the water, up and down three sets show is the perfect combination of business and leisure and elegant sports. Both show the intellectual side of modern women, beauty, and publicize a magnificent movement, full of vitality and vitality. Quite sophisticated set of sophisticated graceful red tape, to demonstrate the aristocratic identity elegant attitude and refined taste.

缤蔓BINMAN品牌女装  中西完美结合的时尚

Delicate and nude pink, tops unique lotus leaf and Puff Sleeve design is a combination of European fashion and Chinese characteristics, together with the international fashion fabrics and fine cutting, interpretation of the rich European feelings, taking into account the Chinese women gentle and subtle aesthetic ideas.

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