A woman's spring and summer 2013 Lightweight chiffon was sweet

April 11, 2020

ezan - a Ran brand women are young Mature women to show access, smooth, confident, strong and other characteristics of the excellent way, but also the pursuit of young, mature women's culture, art, fashion, the external trend. Products in the emphasis on minimalist style also incorporates the elements of fashion trends, in the simple style of the atmosphere under the overall tone of the art will be well integrated into them, making the product in addition to fashion elements, but also fully embodies the personalized This idea.


Light chiffon coupled with elegant yellow, bat sleeve dress allows you to spend fairy general, flying in the pastoral, waist belt tied to the IN profile.

一冉女装2013春夏款 轻盈感雪纺显清甜

Princess collar sleeve top with print skirt, fresh and easy to go wrong with a simple, very summer feeling, with cross-strap sandals, beautiful full.

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