Kaki House children's clothing 2013 spring and summer Symphony Series warm sky blue teach you beautiful and cute little people

April 01, 2020

Cage House Children's Wear is a leading brand of Cage House Fashion Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou. It originated from the design style of the children's fashion style in Japan and South Korea. It combines the magic colors and illustrates the children's hopeful, happy and happy childhood. Spring and summer of 2013, Kaki House children's wear Symphony of colors using a clear pick out of the children innocence pure heart vividly demonstrated, bright red, warm blue let the children enjoy the best childhood in this spring and summer . Warm blue in the blue sky in spring and summer against the background of the very occasion should be King, with check pattern trousers, British Daren style instantly revealed. Small blue sky cardigan is the children's spring and summer both to show grace without losing the temperature of the first choice, take quite within the ladies-style take a small skirt instantly transform the eyes of the little princess Oh.

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