The sales of pyrography rose, and the price of Tibetans rose

April 15, 2020

The sales of pyrography rose, and the price of Tibetans rose Taking the electric iron as a pen, the pyrography made of wooden boards as a carrier, in addition to its decorative and appreciation effects, its unique painting methods and crafts have begun to be recognized and loved by more and more Tibetan friends.

Pyrography is also known as iron painting, heat transfer, and flowering. Its production method is to use a soldering iron as a pen, branding different content of the screen, paper, wood, coriander, bark, cowhide, bamboo, wool felt, etc., can be used as a carrier of pyrography. Local creators in Chongqing mostly made pyrography on wooden boards.

According to experts, at present, there are two kinds of production methods for local pyrography in Chongqing. First, according to the Chinese painting, the pattern is first drafted on the wooden board, and then the ironing is performed with a soldering iron to fill in the darkness. The other type is based on the Western painting method, after the drafting of the drawing method, it is directly branded. In addition to Hongyadong, Western Window, and other major sales outlets, home buyers custom is also a common way of pyrography.

Professionals frankly stated that although the popularity of the pyrography in the Tibetan friendship circle has grown and the sales volume has risen in a straight line, the market price is still at a disadvantage. In addition to personalized collections, currently available on the market are generally divided according to the size of the pyrography: 14-inch square pyrography, prices are usually around 50 yuan, about 50 cm square pyrography, priced at 1,000 yuan Around, 60-70 cm square pyrography, the general price up to 10,000 yuan.

Zhang Mingzhi, a 61-year-old arts and crafts master in Chongqing, said that the million-dollar pyrotechnics on the basis of unit price are generally the original works of the producers, and they are unique in material selection, exquisite in pictures and complicated in process. "This type of work is worth investing in collections."

Zhang Mingzhi used his rough hands to cover his face three years ago and used only his two hands to express his face. He created the “Homeland is Hard to Leave” and won the Silver Award in the city’s art and craft exhibition. "This painting now has a market value of 200,000 yuan."

Professionals said that the value of the pyrography is influenced by factors such as originality, merits and demerits, layout, craftsmanship, and fame of the producer. It is recommended that buyers should be screened from the above aspects. In addition, in spite of anti-corrosion and anti-mite treatment in the production process of the pyrography, if the carrier is a wood board, it is necessary to pay attention to moisture prevention when the buyer saves it.

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