IZZEN women's spring 2013 spring and summer models to pick out the bright color system early spring season

April 01, 2020

IZZEN brand women continue to find in the classic of the past, all available creative inspiration, with keen sense of touch to create a stylish life. Brand advocates personalized expression, with confidence, frankness, uninhibited attitude continue to explore ideas, provide a plethora of experimental options for multiple choices, and create a personalized lifestyle.


Pink and black stitching is a beautiful show in the low-key pick, capable little suit is suitable for spring and summer wear, with pointed little heel quite modern style.

IZZEN女装2013春夏款 出挑亮色系妆点早春时节

Fresh green tells us that spring has come, in this season of recovery, quickly cast off the dark gray color, wear bright green glamor out of the street, it is absolutely Sucking Queen Oh!

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