Fenfany.sL Women's gorgeous bloom candy color stitching catch your eye

April 22, 2020

Fenfany.sL ( Fen Vatican ) brand women in the spring and summer of 2013 still adhering to the previous design style, adding the popular elements of the season to show noble yet lively, elegant yet modern, subtle yet appealing charm, style Novel and generous, simple and neat, unique originality, soft curves with exquisite details, pay more attention to the interpretation of feminine style. Of course, in addition to the black and white ash can be used as a regular female workplace, the small area of ​​the spring and summer 2013 dotted Macaron not only will not be too high profile, on the contrary, but also show a different Commuter Look, so you have to work Good mood


Like black and white women try this year may wish to try to add some candy colors in the original classic collocation element, ivory and lake green splicing girdle Although "area" is not large, but it has played a whole set off Important role.

Fenfany.sL女装华丽绽放 糖果色拼接抓住你眼球

Chiffon a single product is always very light feeling, three-color stitching style so Look suddenly fresh dull, the flower design and the collar fringed fringe so you no longer do a single woman, a small "Heart machine" can immediately let you have very high popularity.

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