Satchi Satchi International Men's Spring 2013 new series

April 23, 2020

Satchi Satchi International Men's Spring 2013 new series of 2013, so that color from the pure ocean return to fresh and pure, so that the material in the natural gift deduce elegant and free and easy. Satchi (Satchi International) men's spring and summer style in turn takes us from the city's bustling flair in this belongs to our happy world of style. Satchi Spring & Summer 2013 is inspired by the modern taste of life and nature, integrating with the artistic spirit of Monaco. Through the series of classic, urban and leisure, Satchi will showcase the new season's clothing color, fabric and style features. Spring and summer merchandise breakthrough business men's traditional color, boldly adopted a distinctive bright red, blue, green as the main color trends.

Pu Sole features: it looks smooth, the sole is very light, and the material is also environmentally friendly PU sole is characterized by the lightest and most wear-resistant, and the holes on the back of the sole are round. Of course, the price is also the most expensive. However, it should not be stained with water, which will cause chemical reaction and layer upon layer corrosion. It is also easy to break and turn yellow

Pu Sole

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