Wig variants make you more recognizable

September 03, 2019

If your hair style always lacks a symbol that makes you look at the "I am" at a glance, and is afraid to cut it too exaggerated, the stylist Tian Hongjun's suggestion must be there! Who is he? He is the legendary hair stylist of Gong Li, Zhou Xun and other big stars. He is an expert in wigs and overall styling. He has just opened a wig haute couture studio – ask him what he can bring to us. Surprise? Everything that can make you become a star-like temperament, he will let you know!


The wig can be trimmed again, and the quality can be seen at a glance; as for how to pick it out, it is almost exclusively concentrated in the hair color and structure!

Personality, femininity, momentum is not strong

The wine red is a strong personality

Black, red and other heavier hair color will be more suitable for hairstyles with strong impact, but the teacher also said that red is also a difficult color to match, purple purple is also a good choice for wig color.

Stretching straight lines will make you more recognizable

Just like Mr. Tian mentioned: "Everyone is more characteristic, you must design a symbol for yourself." And this haircut with a neat edge, the heavier straight line like a knife is cut along the lower jaw. Next, you will be recognized on the Christmas road that has been smashed, and you will be surprised by the stranger: Hey, this woman has a good style!

A long, thick black eyeliner is more skillful than red lips.

The makeup should also be matched with a very personal feeling. Teacher Tian believes that a flattering eyeliner that is thicker and longer than usual is more reliable than the red lips that we think will highlight femininity. Lip color is of course recommended to use the deep red that complements the hair color, but if you want to live in, the color does not matter, you need more obvious lip lines.

Cute wig does not leave Local Japan and South Korea Fan

Black is not suitable for this paragraph

Soft hair styles need soft colors. For example, the teacher said that black is not suitable for this type. It is better than light colors such as linen and light brown, and this linen is not dull and has no sense of fashion. Color, high-grade linen that is biased towards brown is better.

Do not necessarily need the soft curve of the curling iron

When it is hot, the texture can't be too straight, there is a little curve to have a soft feeling, and too much volume will be slightly mature. Even with a large roller comb, a little bit of volume can be used, do not need too much effort to roll out a large arc with a curling iron.

The tail of the hair is buckled inward, but it is easy to show the face

Tian Tian just gave Dong Jie a short haircut teacher who gave me an example: "If you are fat, I suggest that your hair style should be as short as possible, but also a little line, and this hairstyle should try not to go too far to the face and try to buckle inside. cover round face, but this is actually easy to look round. "goes out, let the tail hair stuck up along the neck of the curve, so that face straight down to the neck inside the skin, the tail can become light, Not so heavy.

"In addition to the classical girls who are too narrow and long face and facial features like Lin Daiyu, the average girl is basically suitable for short hair!"

Teacher Tian shared and picked up the wig and learned!

1. The wig of the protein silk and the real hair is best: the real hair is not good to use the electric splint to make the shape, and the moisture is easily deformed.

2. Look at the color you like: The brown color is the best match, not the skin color.

3. Look at the texture of the hair: good hair should not be particularly bright, and the quality can be judged by simple methods: the hair is always tightened by hand, if the hair starts to heat up, the quality is not good. Because the heat is kept for a long time, it is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the scalp, it will be stuffy.

4. Look at the hair net: Some are deodorant, you will not taste for a few days.

5. Look at the price: It is still suitable for the wig price to start at least 2000~3000 yuan, because the wig that is really like a real hair is hand-ticked out by a handful of small hair, even if it is fast, it takes two or three days. Finished; and more than 1,000 yuan is "released", that is not the kind of the whole hook.

6. Hairstyle selection: Straight hair is the most ideal texture, and the curls need to be adjusted every time they are worn. It is necessary to wear their own hair, which is relatively more technical.

Uncover the wig to maintain the truth!

Cleaning the wig at home is not complicated, but it must not be sloppy: after the wet wig is shampooed, it should be washed with water, not smashed, not twisted, then dried with a towel, and then blown out from the hair net with a hair dryer. Blowing, wigs will be more fluffy!

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