Six-step approach to regional marketing techniques

September 03, 2019

[China Glass Network] Mastering market information is very important in sales. Sometimes unconventional methods can be used, and sometimes it is possible to achieve leapfrog development. The following is the author's six-step method for introducing regional marketing techniques for your reference.

The operation of the regional market is an integral part of a company's overall marketing strategy planning; it is also a concrete embodiment of the marketing strategy planning. It can be said that the success or failure of regional market operations largely determines the overall marketing performance of the company. Based on my personal experience, I believe that the following six steps can be taken to carry out marketing work in the regional market:

1. Divide regional markets and determine strategic objectives

First, determine the scope, location type, and regional marketing strategy.

Generally speaking, there is always a process of gradual expansion in the development of market and sales. Few companies start to develop a nationwide market from the beginning. This requires enterprises of different scales and strengths, and enterprises with different product structures to determine the spatial extent of the target regional market with different sizes.

After the regional scope is specifically determined, the regional market must be classified and classified, and different regional types, such as the base camp area, the base area, the sports area, and the guerrilla area. Different types of regions, implementing different marketing strategies:

1. The base camp area is the area occupied by the company (with a market share of more than 60%). For such regional companies, it is necessary to ensure investment, establish marketing branches to the county level or even the township market level for deep distribution, and firmly occupy the terminal network. Intensive farming in the regional market;

2. According to the local area, the company controls (the market share is above 40%). For these regional companies, the company should focus on investing, and adopt a channel strategy combining dealers and terminals (30% invested 70% of the investment in dealers). Spend on the terminal) to compete with competitors in a focused and targeted manner;

3. The sports area is the area where the company does not have the corresponding investment in the short-term and it is not easy to occupy the dominant position. Therefore, it is better to avoid the reality and compete with the opponents. In the channel, the retail terminal drives the dealers to the top (70%). Investing in the dealers 30% of the investment in the terminal), and strive to control the market share of about 20%;

4. The guerrilla zone is a market in which the company does not have a customer base. It is not necessary for such a regional company to invest in human and material resources, and to adopt a cash-strap marketing model.

Second, regional segmentation is performed to determine the specific business development goals for each segment.

After determining the regional scope, the regional division is further divided into several sub-areas by taking into account relevant factors such as administrative division, population size, consumption level, traffic conditions, customer distribution, and policy input. And specifically determine the market development and product promotion progress, target tasks (including sales volume and sales amount), target market share, target distributors and retail terminals of each partition. For example, a pharmaceutical production enterprise divides the whole country into Huazhong, South China, North China, East China and other regions; further divides Huazhong into six sub-regions of Henan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Hunan, Chongqing, and Hubei; among them, Hubei District is “Kyushutong”. "New Dragon" and other dealers, with "Zhonglian", "Ma Yinglong", "Tongjitang" and "Sanjiu" and other retail terminals as their target customers, strive to achieve sales of 5 million yuan by the end of 2004, market share of more than 50% .

Second, in-depth investigation, establish customer files

Although we have identified the names of distribution customers such as target distributors and retail terminals in the division, we may not know anything about it at this time, which requires our business personnel to conduct further in-depth investigations. Work, detailed and true understanding of their relevant situation.

The usual practice is to create a target customer profile. There are three points worth noting in customer documentation:

In the first place, the file information must be comprehensive and detailed. The customer information reflected in the customer profile is an important basis for us to determine the one-to-one specific sales policy for the customer. Therefore, in addition to the basic information such as customer name, address, contact person, and telephone, the establishment of the file should include its business characteristics, industry status and influence, distribution ability, financial strength, business reputation, and the company. These deeper factors, such as cooperation intentions.

Second, the archive content must be true. This requires that the investigation of business personnel must be in-depth, and those who work behind closed doors to make up customer files in order to cope with inspections are more difficult.

Third, dynamic management of established files is required. Creating a customer profile is not a once-and-for-all job. After filling out a watch at the beginning of the market, let it sleep in the file cabinet. Such a file does not help our marketing work. Our business personnel need to visit the high-frequency visits to keep abreast of changes and changes in all aspects of the customer, and update the corresponding file information content to match the actual market and customer reality.

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