Advanced Watches Collection Investment Tips Watches Collections Must Have Eyes

September 28, 2019

Advanced Watch Collection Investment Tips Watch Collection Must Have Eyes Today, watches are more than just time-consuming. No luxury can be used like a watch, and the usage rate is so high. A rare value watch treasures can be handed down from generation to generation and become treasures handed down.

If you have 30 million yuan in your hand, would you buy a house or would you prefer a valuable watch? This slogan sounds somewhat exaggerated, but watch as the enduring top luxury goods, more and more people are sought after. In recent years, driven by the popularity of the collection, the watch collection is attracting attention for many people due to factors such as its stylish feel and great potential for appreciation.

Today, watches are more than just time-consuming. No luxury can be used like a watch, and the usage rate is so high. A rare value watch treasures can be handed down from generation to generation and become treasures handed down. These watch artworks are not what ordinary people can have. In recent years, driven by the popularity of the collection, the watch collection is attracting attention for many people due to factors such as its stylish feel and great potential for appreciation.

In addition, the watch also contains a strong emotional factor, it makes us understand that time is not love and diamonds, but time. The significance of life lies in the passing of blood, passing luxury watches to the next generation and continuing to watch time with the next generation. These are the timeless charms of watch collections.

“Time” is a small watch of money. There are literally hundreds of millions of dollars. This reminds people of the old saying that time is money. Have to admit that the watch is one of the easiest things to make a man ecstatic! Men’s enthusiasm for precision machinery seems to be born. Men need different tables on different occasions. However, shopping malls, such as the battlefield, you can still feel free to use ordinary business activities, you need to be proud of the world's heavy equipment. If you have sufficient strength, please complete the formal symbol of the modern business etiquette - the formal dress watch. Business occasions can best embody the quality and strength of men. Although the price of top brands' dress watches is expensive, they often become the secret weapon for successful negotiations. Because of this watch, you have won the respect of your opponent.

In 1868, the Patek Philippe watch factory made a bracelet watch for the Hungarian royal ladies. Since then, the "watch (watch)" was born in this world. With the renewal of technology, the watch's internal structure (movement) continues to be complicated, and watchmakers have also incorporated this artistic timing element into the watch while making the precise chronograph tool. This makes the originally cold machinery constantly radiating attractiveness. The light that slowly attracts people who are interested in countless machines. Nowadays, watches are not only people's requirements for time, but also have become a symbol of people's identity and status, which has also attracted the attention of collectors.

The brand determines the value of the collection and selects a brand with potential for preservation and appreciation, which determines the value of this watch by 90%, but the brand appeal is not the high price, but the focus is professional. Among the many brands, the most favored by the market, in addition to the ever-rising Patek Philippe and Rolex at the auction, there are self-made watch factory watch brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, IWC, Piaget, Cartier Jaeger-LeCoultre, Girard Perregaux and others also have excellent strength.

For a good watch, rare materials and craftsmanship can also increase the value of the watch, but the emphasis is on the quality of the gem itself, and the process is more important. Opal, jade, coral and diamond jewelry watches, or the use of painted dial, such as Patek Philippe's "The art of cloisonneenameling silk art", exquisite, rare, so that the watch is like a work of art, it is worth Collection.

The watchmaking process and technology focus on the movement. The choice of the movement, the simplest is the mechanical watch absolutely better than the quartz watch, quartz watch movement from the IC circuit, aging out of time, and the mechanical watch as long as properly maintained, the use of a hundred years is absolutely not a problem. The most valuable place for mechanical watches is that they can display various complex functions such as calendar, week, month, and time of reporting through small movements, and also show the unique skills of each watch factory.

The product is rare and valuable. Because of its unique and rare qualities, the limited edition watch has a higher collection value and a unique number that increases the chance of appreciation. From the brand's beginning, to the function, material, limited or not, these determine the value of a watch, from careful selection of the brand to understand the material and details, not afraid of the high price of the watch, if you can pick a long-term value Watches allow you to profit from playing tables.

In addition to craftsmanship and branding, whether or not the watch has been preserved has a great deal to do with the metals used, and it is relatively important to understand metal materials. In general, for the production of a wrist watch, the movement is mostly made of brass. The parts of the case are yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum. The best price and value preservation is first of all platinum. It is yellow gold, rose gold, and finally white gold. As a high-end luxury item, the watch is not subject to price cuts due to the influence of popular indexes and seasons. Instead, it has the effect of preserving and increasing the value; auction success, limited products, tailored, and regular price increases are precisely the factors that make the watch brands have The function of preserving and adding value.

The watch collection must be uniquely eye-catching. With the watch investment being eagerly sought after, and the high interest driving, the counterfeit watch came into being. The appearance of the counterfeit watch also brought great risks to the collection. As a collector, it is very difficult to grasp the trend, style and model of the collection of watches. It is even more difficult to distinguish the authenticity of watches. Therefore, Tibetan friends must take extra care.

Watch collection must bear the brunt of the mentality, we must buy watches from the perspective of wear, appreciation, do not blindly invest, have a unique vision, but also determine their collection direction, with interest-based, investment-assisted, only Will feel sad for the price fluctuations.

At present, the high-end varieties of watches, the value of the preservation and return are generally stable at about 13% to 22%; low-end varieties are the number of profit points, with low prices as a selling point. In general, the collection and investment of traditional mechanical watches are suitable for long-term operations, and are not suitable for short-term hype. Experts said that in the “gold rush” watch, mainly for the three major varieties: First, antique watches, refers to those who have a special historical value and process value in the history of watchmaking; Second, luxury goods, which refers to those in accordance with high-end jewelry The concept of jewelry design and production of watches; Third, fashion brands, mainly referring to the brand watches sought after by buyers.

In addition, in the watch collection market, there are some regular things worthy of reference for new buyers: such as the watch collection, buyers usually go through a collection of key from the new table to the old watch and then evolved to the pocket watch process. For another example, watch collections first look at the brand, but also depends on the function. In terms of price trends, some brand watches will be characterized by stable prices for new watches and higher prices for old watches.

In addition, experts also reminded buyers that the two purposes of collection and self-use must be clearly separated. If it is as an investment, it is best not to buy a new watch, because the new watch can only be appreciated for a very small number of brands, such as certain limited edition models of Patek Philippe. Although watch auctions have opportunities for gold rushes, they must first buy like them, not just for investment, but not purely for fashion.

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