Dalian Bacheng scale clothing enterprises benefit slowly and steadily

September 29, 2019

In the first half of this year, the economy of Dalian's garment industry showed a slow growth trend. Under the backdrop of the overall weakness of the world economy, the Dalian Garment Industry Association led the enterprises in various efforts, carried out many solid and effective work, and promoted the entire industry in a difficult situation. Have achieved better results. According to the statistics from January to May, Dalian garment enterprises completed an industrial output value of 12 billion yuan, an increase of 22.6% year-on-year; sales income from main operations was 8.45 billion yuan, an increase of 32.1% year-on-year; export delivery value was 4.85 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.7. %. More than 80% of the 198 above-scale enterprises have achieved steady economic growth.

Tian Ping, chairman of the Dalian Garment Industry Association, believes that in 2012 Dalian's garment industry should focus on industrial upgrading: focus on deepening brand building, technological innovation, and information promotion; do employee training; do good work on autumn fashion week; organize well Participate in the International Clothing & Accessories Expo.

It is understood that Dalian's garment enterprises generally report that the production and operation in the first half of this year are more difficult. There are mainly three types of corporate operations: a number of well-known brand enterprises have maintained steady economic growth; a large number of enterprises have gradually slowed down growth; and a few enterprises have experienced economic decline and losses. In spring and summer, there is an increase in inventory. Some companies have reduced orders and underemployment, and the decline in the sales of clothing stores in the city and the lack of passenger flow are very obvious.

Faced with the above difficulties, Dalian clothing industry and enterprises have taken many measures to actively respond.

At the beginning of this year, the Dalian Garment Industry Association and many companies jointly analyzed the industry situation, discussed many difficulties that may be encountered, and adopted early plans, quick actions, and multiple measures to do a lot of work. The "2012 Breakthrough Bottlenecks, Promoting Promotion" theme conference was held successively. Economic experts were asked to explain the country's macroeconomic trends and policy trends; the industry's leading personalities were invited to give speeches "To meet the challenges and to promote the steady development of the apparel industry," so that enterprises could see Clear the situation, identify the direction, find the weaknesses and solutions to your own business. The Dalian 2012 Spring Fashion Week was held to focus on the introduction of many brands and new products of Dalian garment companies to Chinese and foreign businessmen. The association organized a group of brand enterprises to participate in the 20th China International Garment & Accessories Fair; another group of enterprises was organized to participate in the international apparel product trade show. The association has carried out the training of Nisang.net, a clothing company's informatization management service series, to help companies improve management efficiency and provide accurate data support for corporate leaders to make correct decisions.

Dayang Group operates with a thoughtful and unique brand service, and wins merchants with its distinctive products. Chairman Li Guilian leads Shi Xiaodong, general manager, and Hu Dongmei, deputy general manager, to attract eye-catching “flowing shapes” when attending the 20th China International Clothing & Accessories Expo. Room "shows the latest product of YOUSOKU2012 spring and summer, let visitors experience it. At the same time, six large-screen high-end computers are equipped at the site for visitors to make online purchases. The company constantly increased investment in R&D and design, continuously launched new products, and highlighted the single-digit single-premium advanced customized business services to win the market, achieving steady growth in output value, sales revenue and exports in the first half of the year.

In the face of rising labor force and raw materials, Dalian Sangfulan Industrial Co., Ltd. adjusted its business development plans, adjusted marketing points, and adjusted its strategic culture in a timely manner so that the output value and sales revenue continued to increase. Exports remained unchanged from the same period last year.

Many corporate representatives and distributors proposed that they must control and reduce the homogeneity of products from the source of manufacturing. Statistics on apparel sales from the eight shopping malls, including Dalian Shopping Mall and Friendship Shopping Mall, show that Dalian’s local brands “Creation” and “Fu” Brothers, King Arthur, Happy Women, and Xingyu have been among the top sellers because of their distinctive products and strong competitiveness.

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